Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day 2007

Santa made it to the house after making 3 attempted stops only to find the "naughty little Munk children" awake in their Mom's bed! Christmas Eve was a very exciting night that was hard to calm down from. But eventually morning came and at 7:30am the kids were ready to go up to Grandma Duke's house and see what Santa left us!
Harley got roller skates (pink), littlest pet shop Dream House, and a big box of make-up! I guess she has officially arrived in the world of "old enough" and she couldn't wait to apply the said make-up at her Maka's house with her girl cousin Ellie ("old" girl cousins are in short supply for this 11 year old).
Hunter got roller blades, a box of Knex, and an Army truck with army men, guns, and all sorts of killing splendor. He was beside himself with joy about this gift. "How did Santa know I like the Army?" What a sweet kid Hunter is! His big smile made Christmas pains all worth it! Although he was a little frustrated with the Knex and is hoping for some "alone" time in the near future to work on some amazing contraptions. (Alone meaning NOT with Hayden)
Hayden got a Go Diego Go! doll, I mean guy, (that talks), baby lion (that also talks) and a rescue cage to help save all the animals in danger! Look out Charlie! He also got what he has been asking for for the past 3 years...a snowboard. The long awaited board still sits in the living room amongst all the snow outside because "what if it gets dirty or snow on it? No, it is too special I think I will just save it for later." uhhh.....that's Hayden for ya!

Friday, December 21, 2007


After much assurance from the people I work with I attempted a new dinner tactic with Hayden last night. I requested "Chef Hayden" make an appearance in the kitchen and whip us up some dinner. He entered the "cooking area" the appropriate attire (boxer briefs on head for hat, big shirt for apron, and 2 oven mits for "safety reasons")
The cooking went well, we made baked spaghetti. He did an amazing job grating the cheese, cooking the noodles, making the sauce, combining all the ingredients and putting it in the oven to bake. He stayed for the entire 1 hour process, as long as I called him "Chef Hayden".
When the dinner was done baking we pulled it out, set it on the table, took the tin foil off and....boy oh boy...."hey this is not regular spaghetti, this is not what I was expecting. This is disgusting pig food if you ask me. I am not eating this, you are the meanest mom on the planet for making me eat this." (tears, tears, more screaming, plate on floor, chair knocked over, stomping to bedroom) At which time Harley looked at me and said, "Isn't he the one that made it?"
After Chef Hayden calmed down a little I put some spaghetti on his plate and went to talk to him. I said, "Just go look at it on your plate, if you still think it is gross you don't have to eat it." So Hayden stomped back into the kitchen took one look at his plate and said, "See this is what I am talking about, that is what regular spaghetti looks like. I am not eating that other crap." Harley then looked at me and rolled her eyes "whatever" she said. I put my head in my hands and watched Hayden wolf down his plate of 'regular spaghetti'.
Another successful dinner at the Munk house! Merry Christmas!