Sunday, October 3, 2010

Summer means...

I realized that I did not post our annual summer pictures of the pool party at Kristi's house. Shame on me, they are as funny as ever!

Hayden finally got his back tuck off the diving board. He tried and tried and cried and cried, but he FINALLY got it and it was a beautiful sight!

This is Skee peeing in the pool...

And of course all the competitions that bring out the fun in the family!

Coach Munk

Dave is coaching Hayden's team this year and it has been quite the learning experience for everyone. Dave and Hayden are learning to be together on the field with out yelling at each other, Dave is learning that he wants his own team next year, Hayden is learning that his Dad is pretty smart when it comes to football plays, and I am learning to trust the 2 of them together. It has been good for our family and will only get better.

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That's my boy!

I have been asked many times how I can keep track of where my boys are on and off the field. To this I show you exhibit 1 and 2 and 3. Exhibit 1: When Hunter is on the sideline, his arms are folded and he paces back and forth, back and forth. His arms never hang free, they are folded the exact same way and he sticks close to the coaches and paces with them.

Exhibit 2: When Hunter is on field, he figits with his jersey, his socks, his mouth guard, his helmet. He never stands still on the field and does the "Munk Shuffle" while waiting for the plays to start. He is in constant motion when all other players are standing still waiting for the ball to be kicked or hiked, Hunter is always moving and figiting.

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That's my boy! Part 2

Exhibit 3: Hayden stands with his hands on his hip pads and has an intense look on his face. He studies what is going on around him. He does not talk to his team mates, he does not look up into the fans. He stands just as he is pictured unless he is running the ball or chasing a runner. And that is how I keep track of my boys. Who needs #'s?

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Hayden v Woods Cross

Hayden was ON FIRE this game against WX. He came out hitting hard and hit and hit and hit. Then he had the oportunity to run the ball and he ran hard and strong!

Hayden hit this kid so hard they flipped and rolled and skidded to a stop. That is why the Defensive Coach Johnny calls him "Little Troy Polamalu". The score was still 0 to 0 in the 4th quarter when out of no where, Hayden picks the ball and runs it to the 10 yard line! Coach Johnny and Coach Munk were so proud of him they both gave him a high 5 and lots of smacks on the helmet! The next play our running back ran it in for a touch down and we won the game 7 to 0!! Way to go Hayden! It is about time the "real Hayden" came to play!
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Hunter v Woods Cross

All week Hunter has been going to school with the WX kids and taking flack from them about the upcoming game on Saturday. Hunter's team worked so hard on preparing for this team so that Hunter could hold his head High on Monday morning...And Hunter played GREAT! However, they lost by 1 point, 1 measly point! It was a sad loss and Hunter will have to face the fire on Monday, but he played so hard. He had a touchdown and a 1 point conversion. He hit hard and NO one could sweep to his side! No one. The one player that tried was hit so hard he did not get up for a while. Hunter layed him out. They should have won the game and are ready for war next week, they have to win that one!

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Hayden v Bingham

The year starts off with Bingham for both boys. Hunter plays at 9am and Hayden plays at 12pm. These little tiny Gremies didn't stand a chance against Bingham, it seemed to be the theme for all age groups this day. No one beat Bingham!
Hayden played good, he was scared but he gave it his all!

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Hunter v Bingham

First game of the 2010 Football year and it is against Bingham...Hunter played hard. The end (we lost by ALOT!)

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Squaw Squad

Harley, cousin B, and cousin L, are on the Bountiful Football Little League Squaw Squad this year. They cheered at 5 home games and danced at the half times! It was so fun to see them cheering for the boys! They had fun and are so so so cute! Harley is a champion because at the last minute she had to step in and be the "flyer" in the stunt we did. She was scared, but she did such a good job! I am proud of her, she has also really helped with the Squad, she leads the cheers and keeps the little girls lined up. She is the definately the head cheerleader this year!

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