Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wheeler Farm 2009

Kristi, Matt, and I braved the summer "heat" (ha ha ha) and took the kids to Wheeler Farm. We started off with B's favorite: the horses. She named them Yellowy and Browny. The kids are really fun now that they are older and more confident. They all fed the horses some grass, well, Hunter was so worried that the little ones were going to feed the horse a finger he could not participate and had to "look away". Harley, however, wanted to feed the horse our lunch so we quickly moved on before she could plant the idea in the younger kids heads!
The geese and ducks were out in full force, demanding to be heard and fed. Hunter of course wanted to take a duck home, "I will name him Oregon and take care of him, Please Mom!" One look from me told him there was no way he was keeping a duck at our house! Hamster ok, fish ok, dog ok, duck NO WAY! So we sadly walked away from 'Oregon the Duck' and saw the milking of the cow, which no one asked to take home!! A was so cute we had to stop and take a few pics. I was really wishing Kristi could have a baby that was not so smiley...then I remembered L and smiled! Of course, B wanted in on some of the action. And what is better than a picture with your older cousin? That is the best part about being the oldest cousin...everyone adores you!! (Of course I am speaking from personal experience ;))

Then we fed the ducks, geese, swans, seagulls, and L...she decided that the bread was too good to waste and took a few bites! Once the bread was gone, it was our turn to eat. Lunch was good, but climbing trees and chasing each other is much more fun!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dog Park

In all my life I have never been to a dog park. I have never wanted to go to a dog park. I have completely blocked out of my memory that there are dog parks. I am sure this has something to do with my childhood and fear of dogs. Well thanks to Charlie my fear of dogs has been cured, but I still never saw myself at a dog park. Until Sunday that is. I wanted to take my new camera to a park and practice taking pictures. The kids and Dave were all game, so we loaded up up in the car and drove to a park. To my surprise Dave took us to a dog park. I was a bit skeptical but decided to give it a go. We got Charlie out of the car and headed into the unknown.
I was pleasantly surprised at the feelings that my heart felt. It only took one look at Hayden's beaming face to know we would be coming back to this park often. There were dogs everywhere. Running, chasing, jumping, sniffing, barking, and swimming. We let Charlie of his leash and watched him shake with excitement as he ran every inch of the dog area.
There were some beautiful dogs at the park and could not miss the opportunity to take a picture of them. The people were all smiles and having just as much fun as the dogs. One lovely dog owner saved Charlie from drowning in the pond...note to Dave, Charlie is NOT a water dog!
All the kids laughed and had a great time, but the look of pure joy and love on Hayden's face is what makes me look forward to going back and seeing some of the same dogs, meeting more dogs, and watching my kids and Charlie having fun.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Synch. Swimming Team

Here it is fans, the Kimball Mill Synchronized Swimming Team performing their Olympic Swim Routine.

Swimmers from left to right: "capt.jac.", "the R factor", and "T money".
Donations to help this amazing team make it to the 2012 Summer Olympics can be made to: "The Black Pearl" P.O. Box 666 Tortuga, Isle DeMuerta

Friday, June 5, 2009

Family Baseball Game

Last weekend Angie and Skee invited everyone to the park for a baseball game. Right from the get go it was a momentous night. Everyone got in on the action...and I mean everyone, even Kristi and Leighton in their "baseball skirts". We had a blast!Skee was so great at making sure everyone got to play and have fun. He made sure all the little kids got to hit, all the big kids got to hit, all the girls got to hit, and all the dads got to hit. Kristi, Leighton, Bostyn, and Matt the were the funnest to watch because they are usually the spectators but they all stepped up, put their fears on the plate, hit the ball, and ran the bases!

Grandma and Grandpa B were the cutest, Grandpa pitching to Grandma, giving her moral support, what a great example of a true gentleman. I think Grandma felt years younger running those bases like the "old days", she is quite the athlete.
Of course the boys had fun, they hit the ball, ran the bases, caught the ball, made key plays and such. Harley stepped up to the plate and crushed the ball, line drive after line drive, into the outfield. The "big boys" were a little bit jaw dropped at her mad skills. But the big event happened when Skee stepped up to bat, cracked a pop fly to left field. Todd picked up the ball as Skee was running to 3rd, Todd throws the ball to Harley at 3rd, Skee runs for home, Harley launches the ball to Bryan at home and gets Skee out. All grown men (except Skee) were VERY impressed at Harley's arm and ability to beat Skee home.

They played until it was too dark to see the ball...and promised to continue the game at a later date. Thanks Angie and Skee for setting up the game, and Happy Birthday Angie!!