Monday, July 28, 2008

24th of July!!

We started our 24th of July off with a fantastic breakfast with Maka and Great Grandma Miles at IHOP. We ate and ate until we were ready to pop, then a clown came over to our table and made the kids balloons. Hayden did not appreciate his humor and the other kids humored him by attempting to laugh. (They seem to have reached the age where they were embarrassed for the guy instead of entertained by him) But he did an amazing job and all the other children in the restaurant clapped and cheered!

For lunch we went to Grandma and Grandpa B's house for a BBQ and slip and slide.
The day was hot and the water was cold, a perfect combination for a good time...

...that's when the competitive games entered the ring making it great times...
the"who can get the most air on the slip and slide" game
the "bulldozer" game was a hit with the boys
"who can grab the cone on the way down the slip and slide" game, which turned into the "who can slide in-between Dave's legs and grab the cone" game.

Then Dave and Skee and made up their own game of "slide under my legs and I will grab your bum" game, it went something like this (kids don't try this at home):
After dinner we went to Kristi's house and swam for another 2 hours. The kids were exhausted and slept until 10 am the next day, but we had fun and are grateful to have so many family members around to celebrate with us!

Lagoon Rides with Great Grandma Miles

This is a video of the kids and their Great Grandma Miles on the Cliff Hanger at Lagoon! The kids are wearing orange shirts and Grandma is wearing a white shirt and pants to the right of them

Friday, July 25, 2008


Novell Lagoon Day was so much fun this year. The big event of the year was Hayden riding the Wicked. Harley and Cousin E rode on the wicked by themselves (they are definately grown up) and Hayden rode in the middle of Dave and I. The best part is we were in the front! He was speechless for about 15 minutes, then he said it was Awesome and wanted to go again!
We got soaked on Rattle Snake Rapids and it was a much needed soaking, we were so hot! We laughed so hard at Maka trying to hold her bag over her hair and hold onto the ride!

We got to eat at the Maple Pavilion and it was yummy!
After we ate and dried off the kids were hot again and so they hit the fountains. They were wet for the rest of the night. A big thanks to Maka for taking us to Lagoon and a thanks to Grandma Miles for going on the rides and having fun with the kids!
p.s. hayden was not tall enough to ride on some of the "cool rides" (with Hunter), this is what he had to say about that: "yeah well I hate this stupid Lagoon, cuz next year when I am 8 I can go to scouts, play football, and get my own scriptures, and ride on all these stupid rides, hey mom didn't you know...." and the planning for next year begins.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Rugby Munk Style

Picture this at your house all day long and well into the evening, inside the house and out....jealous of me and my 2 bedroom house?

The game is "Tackle Game". The goal is to come up with the ball in the end. Of course they play this in the front yard so all the neighbors can look out their window and see those lovely Munk children playing quietly and kindly with each other...

Yeah right!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Gondola Ride of Death!

The kids made all the Park City residents a little nervous every time they rode the Gondola. I can't imagine why. Could it be the screaming when the ride started going?

Family Vacation

We went to The Canyons in Park City, UT this week with Kristi and her family. We stayed at the Westgate Resort and had a lot of fun. We started the week with a big family BBQ. The Jensen side of the family and the Burningham side of the family all met together and ate and swam. I was very nice and took NO pictures of people eating, but lots of swimming!
On Sunday we went for walks around the Resort, played games, and met up with some friends of ours that live in Heber. On Monday, for FHE, we took the city bus into downtown Park City.
We walked down Historic Main Street when we found the most interesting thing. Well, Hayden thought it was the most interesting, Kristi and her girls were a little bit disturbed by the site. What we thought was a bear rug, laying half in and half out of a little shop, opened it's eyes to look at us when we stopped to admire it! Ahhhhh! Could it be? It turned out to be a Newfoundland Puppy the size of Dave! And the best news, for Hayden, was there were 2 other similar dogs in the shop and they were equally as large. The owner let the kids pet them and love them. He said they were 180 lbs and only 18 months! Hayden and Harley jumped right in and hugged and loved the dogs, Kristi's girls were not so willing, they instead, decided to pet the fake fur in the shop next door!After our dog stop we walked on to the Park City Park and played and played until we were tired and hungry. Well, Harley and Hayden were injured but the rest of us were tired.
Hayden located the trees and began to climb and hang and swing. Harley and Hunter, who are not as skilled in the art of monkey, had a harder time keeping up but they all had fun.

That is until Harley fell from a branch and landed on Hayden who kept her from falling onto the ground. They both ended up with scrapes and bruises, Harley was in tears.

Then it was on to Ice Cream at our favorite place...Cold Stone. Hunter got Mint with Oreo Cookie, Harley got Raspberry Sorbet with Strawberries, Hayden got Vanilla with Strawberries, Dave got Sour Cream with Raspberries, and I got Chocolate Cookie Batter with Oreo Cookie. It was yummy!

On Tuesday we went on a Hike up Holly's Trail. It was really hot and Harley was in flip flops. There were a select few, Matt, Leighton, and Hunter, that decided to continue the trail of death up the mountain, while the rest of us turned to a easier trail and headed back to the air conditioning room or wonder and joy!
Leighton was the lucky one, the kids took turns carrying her up the mountain. It made me sad to think that my kids are old enough to be carrying people. Wow, when did they grow up? Hunter was a great trooper, he even took a turn carrying Bostyn for a little bit!
All of these things are great fun, but the hit of the vacation was the Gondola that ran right outside our building. The kids got on and rode it up and down the mountain about 10 times. We only had one casualty when Bostyn's flip flop fell off her foot and down down down into some bushes. We all went on an adventure to recover the fallen shoe and were successful! It was a close one and all the kids kept their feet securely on the ground the next time they rode the Gondola! When we did not have scheduled events there was always basketball. Our room was on the 7th floor, the basketball hoop was right below us, so the boys would go out and play while we watched from the balcony.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Monday night we had a great Family Home Evening. Angie and Skee taught the kids a lesson about Ammon and his mission to King Lamoni. The kids loved the story. They got to make sheep door hangers to remind them to be good missionaries and to be like Ammon. Then the big surprise of the night was the swords the kids got so they could re-inact Ammon protecting the Kings sheep.

After the sword fights we had yummy smores.
It was a great night that we shall remember forever. Thanks Angie and Skee!

He's An All Star!

Hayden played on the Mueller Park All-Star baseball team this summer. His tournament was in West Bountiful the week of July 1-3. Hayden was the starting Shortstop and was also able to play Center Field, 2nd Base, and Rover. The play of the tournament was when he caught a fly ball and then threw the kid out at 2nd base...double play. He also had some great hits and landed himself a couple of doubles.

Not to mention the famous slide in at home!
Grandma and Grandpa B and Angie, Peyton, Stockton, Easton, and Berklie all came to support Hayden and cheer for him. Thank you!!

After this one short tournament we asked Hayden if he wanted to play another game he politely declined by saying, "Can I just watch my team play and then go swimming?" Right...