Saturday, January 31, 2009

Burnigham Rock Band

Rock Band. The title alone should give you an inclination of how you are supposed to behave while playing the "game". The game started with Hunter requesting the drums, Harley the microphone (denied by her father-so she got the guitar), Hayden the football game going on downstairs, and me taking pictures. It was a pleasant night and we laughed and made fantastic music.

Once I discovered that I could flip the guitar and play left handed, I was all over the bass, scoring 95%! I know I pretty much rock! Hunter turned the drums over to Uncle Skee and took the guitar, Harley went back and forth from the mic and the bass. Hunter even attempted a few songs on the microphone. We played for 2.5 hours non-stop, it was so much fun!
A funny thing happened when Hunter picked up the guitar, thanks to Angie we have the footage to show you the REAL Hunter!

Then Hayden caught the bug....

After a good laugh of the video Angie and I went upstairs to put the little kids to bed. While we were gone a horrible thing happened. Harley called for us to come downstairs and watch the "new band" that had formed while the only people with common sense were not looking! I am not gonna lie, it is a bit disturbing...viewers beware!

In the end Hunter was able to play the drums on hard level and guitar on medium level. Dave sang songs on expert level and did quite well. Harley moved from beginner to easy on the guitar and sang on medium level. With the handy "flip guitar" option I rocked the bass on medium! Hayden did really good on the drums, guitar, and microphone but didn't quite make it up from beginner level. We had a blast, but really missed Bostyn who was at home with strep throat :( Get well soon baby girl that I love! And ROCK ON!

For Uncle Brett

My boys are constantly talking about my brother, Brett. I frequently hear "remember when Uncle Brett was here and he said..." or "remember when Uncle Brett was a ninja and did...." They really love having him visit and look forward to the next time he comes (no pressure *hint*hint) This is a game my boys have developed and can't wait to teach Uncle Brett when he comes. It is called "Knee Football".
So these video's are for you Brett, study them and come prepared. You will find they are not as small as in the past years and I do think Hunter will give you a run for your money! These are the basic rules: you have to stay on your knees at all times. The couch is the end zone. When you kick off you use your knee. To start each play you throw the ball in the air and hope it is not picked off by the defense. Tackling is encouraged. Winners reserve the right to taunt you until the next game is played.

Never a dull moment at our house!

Pinewood Derby 2009

January marked the date of the annual Pinewood Derby for the Cub Scouts. Hunter and Hayden worked hard at watching their dad work on their car :) Hayden decided to go with the animal look (shocking I know!), his was an ant. Hunter went with an actual car design and of course used the patriotic colors of blue and white. They cars were great and the kids had fun! Both boys took 2nd place in their categories (again)!
Hunter also got 5 awards (they only had 4 of the pins) for all the hard work he has been doing in Webelo's. Good job Hunter!

Friday, January 30, 2009

A Case of the Crazies

This is what happens when Hayden is sent to his room to have some alone time: Tutankhamen aka King Tut (the yellow thing taped to the zip lock baggie, I mean hat, is a snake...)
Dumbledore, "not the Dumbledore from Harry Potter, but a different wizard named Dumbledore."

Sometimes Hunter has a hard time you think these will help?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Draper Temple

Last night we went to the Draper Temple open house. It was an amazing experience that I hope my children do not forget. We were able to go with Maka and Great Grandma Miles which made it all the more special.
Harley's favorite part of the temple was the Sealing Room. Each of the kids got to stand in front of the mirrors and see their reflection go on forever. Hunter's favorite part was the Celestial Room. He was amazed at how bright the room was and the chandelier was absolutely stunning. Hayden's favorite room was the Ordinance Room where the mural on the wall had animals on it. He also liked the cookies at the end! Dave's favorite was the Baptismal Font. It is patterned after the SL Temple with the oxen. My favorite was the Bride's Room. I felt like I was in a castle, the room is absolutely beautiful.
For those of you that have not been able to tour the temple yet, I strongly suggest you go! It was different from the other Utah temples. I was amazed at the wood work, the lighting, the carpet, the windows, the wall sized murals, and the painting hanging on the walls.
It is such a feeling of peace when you walk into the temple, I was overcome with emotion when we entered the Celestial Room and I just kept thinking of how grateful I was for the opportunity to go to the Draper Temple and take my family with me. Family is what this life is all about!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunset #2

I posted this on my personal blog ( 'I believe' on my links) but thought I would put it here too since it has to do with the kids.
This is what the sky looked like the other night! My kids were so happy, "red sky at night sailor's delight!" NO MORE STORMS!!! We all had a big sigh of relief, only to find a torrential snow blizzard of the century going on 3 hours later! Hunter said the poem was a lie, curse those sailors!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Death Grip

This is a video of Hayden playing with Charlie.

College Football

A new family moved into our ward and they have the coolest sons. 2 of them play college football! When we found out this information, of course, we became obsessed. One of the boys plays for Michigan State and the other boy plays for Ball State. We watched both boys play in their Bowl Games this week and they did really good. But the best surprise was when the boy from Michigan came to church on Sunday and sat RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!!! Not only does he play college football but he goes to church! What a double whammy! Hayden was so impressed by this that he has decided to give church another chance! The next day Hayden was presented with a Michigan State book signed by the boy! He has read it over and over and over and over! He even insisted that I take it with me to work-just in case...

Jr. Jazz Game on!

Hunter had his first Jr. Jazz game and it was...well it went...Hunter did AWESOME!! The coach started Hunter on the bench and we were a little bit sad, but then again, he did not know that Hunter has "Mad Skillz!!" Once Hunter got in the game, the coach did not take him out! Hunter was the lead re-bounder, lead scorer, lead stealer, lead stuffer, lead dribbler, lead free thrower, and lead cool kid!! One of the boys on Hunter's team told him, "You are just like AK47 from the Jazz!" Hunter made both his free throws, stole the ball from the other team multiple times, got every rebound that came to him, and due to his LONG arms-stuffed many a frustrated opponent! The coach was running up and down the court yelling Hunter's name and giving him "thumbs up" and at every 'time out' Hunter would ask, "am I out?" the coach would say, "Ahhh no, you are defiantly in!" To make this funner, one of Hunter's school friends was on the other team and he was not so happy to see Hunter step onto the court, he knows the skills that Hunter has! Hunter was walking tall as we left the game, not because we won (we didn't), but because he discovered that basketball comes natural to him, he does not have to work as hard and it was FUN!! I was very proud of Hunter and hope that this talent will go far with him! We can't wait for the next game!

The New Year Party!

Over the LONG Winter break we decided to have a "party" and let the kids invite 1 friend to the Rec Center and spend the day there playing and playing and playing. We started in the ice rink.

Hunter's friend J was nervous on the ice but he only fell one time!!! Harley and her friends were "totally teenage". And Hayden and P were on the ground more than on their skates. Hayden coincidentally always fell on the ice right in front of did not help J to feel any better about the ice.
After ice skating Dave brought pizza and bread sticks for everyone! It was nice and warm!

Then it was off to the the basketball court! What J lacked on the ice he made up for on the court. The boys had fun playing against each other. It is always nice for Hunter to play ball with someone his own age (no offense little brother). Hayden and P had fun playing on the smaller basket too!
After basketball they moved on to the pool. Of course the batteries in my camera died and there are no pictures to show the battles that when on there. Hunter and J had a blast on the slide and the playground. They immediately turned the swimming area into an army field full of enemy soldiers. Hayden had a harder time at the pool, it is always a challenge to share Hunter. But he managed to have fun after he took a good long cry! Harley had fun with her friends, although they were also bombarded by Hayden in the pool, but after we got that mess figured out all seemed good. In the end we all realized that school could not start soon enough! The kids missed their friends and so did I!!!


For those of you Dutchmen (not in the sea sense) who celebrate the New Year with the "New Year Fairy", or the "Little New Year" as my Grandma Dalling called it, "Happy New Year!" For those of you that are not of the Dutch family tree, a little education, we put out our shoes on New Years Eve (of wooden shoes as it was done back in the day) and the Little New Year comes to the house and puts surprises in the shoes. Sometimes it is candy, sometimes it is a present. It just depends on the mood of the Fairy. The best part of the tradition is that the Grandma calls us (Mothers) New Years Eve and reminds us that the "Little New Year is coming tonight" and makes sure we are ready...the shoes are out and all is a go! My kids were pleasantly surprised to see that the "New Year Fairy" was in a good mood and they got presents. (The weird part is when Hayden tells everyone that the "Fairy" gave him a present....hmmmm)

Hunter got a leather arm band, Harley got 2 scripture marking pencils, and Hayden got an NBA headband.