Sunday, March 6, 2011

It was THAT bad??

The final game of the season for the LPA Varsity Team was played against their rivals...NDPA
In the middle of the game (it was not going well for us) I looked at the bench and noticed something was on Hunter's face...

Apparently the game was too much for Hunter to watch. So he put his sweatband over his eyes, hmmmmm. WEIRD?

Eventually all the parents noticed and everyone was laughing at Hunter's display of frustration.

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LPA's Final Game of the season

Last game for the JV Team.

Hunter was getting some last minute instruction from the coach...

That's right baby (22), box him out! And this folks is why Hunter gets the rebounds, size is noth'n!

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LPA Game

Hunter may be shorter than these APA players, but he did not let that stop him in this game. He played hard and came out the victor in the end.

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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!! We had a healthy RED eggs, RED milk, and RED toast to start the day of LOVE. The kids were a little leary about the milk and eggs, but they ate them all when they tasted "the exact same."

And for dinner...RED spaghetti and RED juice!
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Sir Black Knight

Hayden has been learning about the Middle Ages in school this year. At the end of the unit they have a huge banquet and "knighting ceremony." Hayden dressed up as a Knight and was Knighted as Sir Black Knight. He made a castle with Grandpa B and the class loved it, he even won an award! It was a fun ceremony and the day was filled with games, feasts, and other Middle Ages activities.

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