Sunday, July 18, 2010

4th of July Shirts

Hunter has been stressed out all month about getting a 4th of July shirt. And thanks to Maka the kids got their shirts and Hunter was able to relax and enjoy the holiday!

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Ty Detmer

The boys went to a BYU Football Camp this summer and guess who showed up to work with the boys...Ty Detmer! Dave was more excited than the boys which is why Dave is in the picture!
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QB with Ty Detmer

Hayden got to work with Ty Detmer during QB drills. I don't think he knows how lucky he is...
Ty explains the count-
Ty explains the hand off-

 Hayden gets set- gives the count-

Goes for the handoff-

Fumble-5 push ups
"Keep working on it buddy"
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7 on 7 Team Kriddle

Hayden was QB for his team...yes again, how did that happen? Well, when Kriddle said who want to be QB Hayden raised his hand. And when Kriddle "tried out" all the boys Hayden was the last one standing. There was even a collective "holy crap" when Hayden threw the ball. Yep, he plays baseball-got quite the arm.

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7 on 7 Team Nixon

Team Nixon. Hunter with his easy peasy stop and go.

Pick after pick for Hunter!

Yes he does catch this ball. It was quite amazing!

Pick! "Nice one Safety"
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