Saturday, April 17, 2010

White Sox Game 1

Game 1. White Sox. Kid Pitch.  Nerves were high, the weather was perfect, and the game started. Offense was a bit slow.  Hayden walked the first inning, hit the second inning, and walked the third inning. Things were actually looking up! 
On Defense Hayden started at catch.  He has never been catcher before and he did so good! He seems to have absorbed all training for all positions over the YEARS of watching Harley play, because when he suited up, the game face went on and he played like he had been a catcher for years. He gunned the ball to first base like a pro and got a handful of kids out.  I am so proud of him. 
Just when we got comfortable with the catching his coach put Hayden at Pitch. That is when I became the "crazy mom in the stands".  It was really hard to be calm when the game was resting on his shoulders! But Hayden is a gifted player and true to form, he pitched a great inning.  He struck 2 kids out and had 3 hits.  Again, for never having pitched before, he played great.  However, when you are Hayden, it is all or nothing. You either strike them all out or you suck. So he was disappointed in his performance and had a few tears of frustration.  We, however, were pleased! 
After pitching he took a turn at 3rd base.  He was as serious at 3rd as he was at Pitch. But, nothing eventful happened in that inning and the White Sox lost their first game by 1 point.  It was a sad loss, but for the first game of the year with a team that hasn't practiced...I'd say they were great!
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter with the Munks 2010

Easter dinner at Maka's was great. Aunt Janis, Miles, and Megan were there along with Great Grandma Miles. We had Ham, potato's, fruit salad, green salad, and  Bunny Cake.  We sat at the table and talked for a long time, ate cake, and had fun spending time with each other.  We also had fun looking for candy hidden throughout Maka's house.
 When it was time to go, the kids decided to take on the "old men" in a friendly basketball game.
Ginger and I had a great laugh watching this game. Luckily the kids won the game by 2 points. Maybe next time Baka!

Easter 2010

That crazy Easter Bunny hid the baskets this year. The kids woke up and they were no where to be seen.  The hunt began, the rules: you can only touch your OWN basket. It was hard not to touch other peoples!

Hayden found his in the dryer, Harley found hers in the oven, and Hunter found his in the bathtub.  Tricky Bunny!

Then the race for the candy began!

Hunter got under armour shirts and basketball shorts, Harley got shirts to match her new skirts she made, and Hayden got the rest of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

13 Colonies Play

This year in 3rd grade Hayden's class did a 13 Colonies Musical.  Each student had the opportunity to audition for a part in the Musical.  Hayden auditioned for the Iriquois because that is what he looks like. (I tried to explain that there would be costumes to aid in the "looking like your character" but he would not hear it. "These people are so stupid, like I am going to believe they look like Benjamin Franklin, they look nothing like him. I however look just like an Indian, I just need to take off my shirt. Everyone will know what I am"-sigh-)  He got the part, memorized his parts, practiced his songs every night until the big day! I was brought to tears watching him shine on stage! He was amazing! I am so proud of him.

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Pinewood Derby 2010

It was the event of the year...well, it was not so exciting this year.  Hayden's car was amazing though! He wanted one that looked like a Bengal. Or cheetah. Or tiger. He was worried it was going to crash so he was fine with only racing it 2 times. And in honor of Hunter he numbered it 25!

Hayden is a Bear!!

Hayden is offically a Bear in the Cub Scouts program.  He worked hard to get this advancement and we are proud of him! I have to admit I was a bit worried when they asked him to pin the Bear to my shirt...But he did good and he even gave me a kiss on the cheek! What a sweetheart!

Manuel, Conuel, and Ponuel...we don't know why-
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