Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Sunday night Hunter woke up with a tooth ache. It kept him up all night, we gave him tylenol, a hot pad, and attempted to get him comfortable until morning. I called the dentist and got him an appointment for later that day. And since Harley's spacers keep popping out I figured-2 birds one stone-right?

So off we go to the dentist and they take Harley back first. The dentist took one look at her teeth and said, "She is ready for braces, the sooner the better. But I am not comfortable with doing them, she is going to need a lot of work." Poor Harley, she is excited to get braces and have happy, straight, beautiful teeth, but she has had so many painful things happen to her mouth already...she just wants to be done! Oh yeah she also had a cavity, which she was NOT happy about. So off to the "Tweetment Room" she went to get that filled and her spacers removed. Since the laughing gas makes her throw up, she had to do this procedure without it...OUCH!

Hunter was next and he had a huge cavity on one of his molars. Thankfully it was on a baby tooth, so no big deal right? Well the cavity was big enough and painful enough that the tooth had to go! So off to the "Tweetment Room" went Hunter. His tooth was really stubborn and the roots refused to leave his mouth so there was a lot of digging and the dentist apologized repeatedly. OUCH! In 2 weeks Hunter gets to go back and get his top spacer put in!

They both had a throbbing mouth by the end of the hour and it earned them an ice cream at Wendy's. It was the least I could do for was painful to watch I can't imagine what it was like to be them...OUCH!
ps. Hayden would like everyone to know that he did not get a prize at the stupid dentist office!

Friday, April 25, 2008


I lost my littlest pet shops and I want them really bad. I lost them because I had them at school. And I really want them back. This is our phone number ******* I want people to call me if you find them. They are little, and they are bobble heads. They are a crab, a dog, and a gecko, and a dog that has a drink and a bed. That is all. Hayden Munk

This is the "Lost add" that Hayden made for the newspaper and the flyers to put up around the neighborhood. The missing part of the story is: Hayden put them in his pocket, took them to school, played with them at school, put them in his desk, and forgot to get them when he went home. So in theory they are still in his desk right? Hmmmm. But what if they are not in his desk? What if they are in the truck? What if they are behind his bed? What if Harley took them? What if someone broke into the school and took them? What if they are wandering the streets looking for Hayden and don't remember where he lives? So many questions so much anxiety what is a boy to do...make a Lost poster! It was that or look through the phone book and call his teacher requesting she go back to school, find them, and bring them to his house. (Not at all unreasonable)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Game on!

The team to watch this year continues to bring their 'A' game. The Blue Jays tromple the Angels 13 to 3. The Blue Jays up and coming rookie, Hayden Munk starts the game off with a bit hit landing him on 2nd base! After the game Munk was overheard talking to his mom saying, "Didn't ya know I hit the ball and ran all the way to 2nd base? Didn't ya know that that is called a 'Double'? I am going to hit a homerun next game." Stay tuned to see if that indeed happens, one week from friday at 6:45 pm. Until then "game on."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Batter Up!

Tonight was opening night for the Blue Jay's of Bountiful, Ut. The day started early for Rookie #7, Hayden Munk, with a great big breakfast to prepare for the game. Then the count down began. About every hour this amazing 2nd baseman asked "is it time yet? How much time?" He was also in his uniform with hat on and ready to go at 8am. "I need to be ready" was his response when questioned by the media.
The 6 o'clock hour FINALLY arrived and Munk was ready to go.

The Blue Jay's started the game as visitors which put them up to bat. The first inning was a little scary with 3 up 3 down. Hayden started at 2nd base and boy did he "rip it up." With 2 tag outs in the first 5 minutes he had to feel pretty confident with his skills as a defender. Now he just had to prove he could play offense. He got 5 pitches and it was looking pretty bad with 2 foul balls and 1 strike. But Munk seems to perform his best under pressure and he cracked the ball in between 2nd and 1st base. Safe!

The rest of the game was a breeze for this Rookie. He was safe at every base and slid into home scoring for the Blue Jay's in the 2nd inning. With an unbelievable 2nd inning under his belt he got to take a "break" in Right Field, backing up 1st base and keeping all the balls from escaping the infield. The second time Hayden was up to bat he hit another amazing ball behind the 1st baseman. His lighting fast running skills helped him arrive at 1st base and was awarded a "safe" yell from the base coach!

It is a good thing this devoted player practices his running on a regular basis. Rumor has it, older brother and football star, Hunter Munk, has a lot to do with Hayden's running training. This young Rookie is defiantly one to keep your eye on! The Blue Jay's win this game 9 to 7 against the Red Sox. After the celebration Munk took a minute to talk to the fans and media, this is what he had to say about the game, " I think I did pretty good. The team played great. I was real nervous before the game started, but I said a prayer in the dugout and then I hit great and knew we would win." Stay tuned for Wed when #7 comes head to head with the Angels at Mueller Park Jr. High. The Angel's may be in need of a miracle if they want to beat team Blue Jay's.

The photographer that took this amazing slide at home has been fired due to the blurriness of the photo. But we thank them for their attempt! If you squint your eyes you can see Munk sliding into home! GO #7!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bountiful Brave

Dave will be a Counselor at Bountiful High School starting next school year! We are so so so excited for the move and can't wait to eliminate the gas bill in our budget. This is a great opportunity for Dave to be closer to the kids. They can't wait to run the halls of BHS looking for their dad's office! Dave is excited to get an office with a window! And I am excited because when he says "I am on my way home" it will only take 5 minutes for him to WALK down the street! Even though it is hard for me to accept the color Red (I prefer maroon and gold) I am happy to support Dave and look forward to next year!

Happy 80th Grandma Miles!

Great Grandma Miles celebrated her 80th B-day, April 3, 2008. All the family got together at her house in Taylorsville and had pizza, salad, bread sticks, and cake! Grandma did a lovely presentation on her life thus far and read some hilarious writtings of Uncle Doug's. We had a great time visiting with with cousins, Aunts, and Uncles. The men left for the priestood conference session so the kids and mom's stayed and played, took pictures, visited, and ate! As for the presents, each person decorated a page and put it in a page protector. Maka put all the pages in a binder and we gave it to Grandma as a book of memmories. She also got a trip to California!! Not to mention spending money!! She is a wonderful Grandma who does so much for each of us, we love her so much and enjoy the time we get to spend with her!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Harley's Debut

Last night Harley and the other 5th graders at Legacy Preparatory Academy performed 2 songs on the stage at Woods Cross High School. The first song they sang and danced to was "Anything You Can Do" by Annie Get Your Gun. The second song they sang was "We Go Together" by Grease. This was the perfect song for Harley to sing and perform--because of the Grease Musical she will be performing in at the end of June. It was a great night, Harley looked cute and sounded great! We are proud of her for getting on stage and performing amid nerves (much scarier that the softball field).

Friday, April 4, 2008

Hunter's Bear

Hunter (& mom) has been working really hard to earn his Bear in the Scouting Program. He had a lot of fun working with Brother and Sister Leishman. There were many months were Hunter was the only boy in Scouts so he had a lot of attention. He gets to work on his Arrow Points now and then in August it's off to Weblos!
Congratulations Hunter!