Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Parade

July 23rd is the annual parade and celebration for our town. We celebrate by meeting at Foxwood (thank you Skee) and watching the parade in the most intense heat known to man. We sweat our brains out then head for the hills to watch MPJH do an amazing fireworks show.
This year the parade weather did not disappoint, so hot you could cook an egg. The sun was blasting us for about an hour then the blessed clouds started to give us relief, that and the squirt bottles J brought with her. Skee made sure that everyone was properly wet and hydrated. In a battle of the water I was victor over him, taking out his left eye and ear drum (even though he made it look like I wet my pants!) And thanks to the brilliance of Angie the kids had all the otter pops they could eat!
Hayden was there with P, Hunter brought J, and Harley brought M. This was a brilliant idea on my part, each one of them had fun and there was NO complaining! We had a lot of fun at the parade and the kids got A TON of candy.
After the parade we headed up to the Parry's for a BBQ, Ice cream, and fireworks. The kids had a lot of fun, we talked baseball, football, and football, and baseball until 1am!! Needless to say we slept in on the 24th!

Friday, July 17, 2009

People I Love! Part 2

In Loving Memory: Squirmy Munk

Monday Squirmy returned to our Heavenly Father after 2 years of devoted hamster service to the Munk Family. Squirmy was the pet of Hunter Munk, but she was loved by all. Squirmy never bit a sole, rode upon Hayden's head, and entertained the children of Spectrum Academy. We will miss her. Funeral Services were held in the Merle Burningham backyard on Monday evening. Squirmy is survived by Hunter, Hayden, Harley, Dave, and Stefie Munk.
The boys took it really hard. Hunter's tender heart was broken and he cried and cried. Hunter was more private and quiet about it, Hayden was devastated and sobbed to the extreme at the initial death scene, then when the reality of leaving Squirmy in the ground hit him, he sobbed a good one again. Harley will miss Squirmy also, but she was not as attached to her as the boys. Hunter's parting words were: "She was my first and last pet. It is too hard when they die." Hayden had this to say: "I cry because I have emotion. When are we getting another one?"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Clark Planetarium

We went to the Clark Planetarium with the Jensens this week. We had a lot of fun looking at all the cool space things, jumping and climbing on the space rocks, and watching the space toys. It was a lot of fun and we even got L to smile!

I Scream You Scream We All Scream For Ice Cream

After the All Star Tourney that Hayden and P were in we stopped at Arctic Circle and got ice cream. We were loud, rowdy, and stayed until we were kicked out. But that equals FUN in our book!
We love spending time with the Fox's. Hunter adores E, I adore S, Hayden adores P, and Harley adores B.

4th of July and Maka's B-day!

Tradition states:
1. All Munk grandchildren shall spent the night, over July 4th, at Maka and Baka's house, sleeping in the cottage. Followed by the Provo Parade, BBQ, and Fireworks.
2. Nothing short of death shall stop the tradition. Well death and spiders...Harley and Hunter made it 20 minutes in the cottage without Maka before they ran inside due to the "spiders" of death that would eat them in their sleep!
3. Maka's birthday shall be celebrated and the Munk grandchildren shall get the cake for the party.

Harley and Hunter put their money together and got Maka an ice cream cake and Hayden got her an ironing board cover.
We had a great BBQ of hamburgers, hot dogs, and Brats. Fireworks. Sleepover. Parade. Movie (UP in 3D)*. BBQ. Home. FUN!

*Movie UP in 3D: This is a great movie, we laughed, we learned, we cried, we cheered. It took on a whole new meaning for us having Great Grandparents who have passed away and watching their spouses battle on, even though they miss their eternal partner more than anything. This was a tender movie, however Hayden was moved to tears only when the dog was bullied by the pack of dogs, then it was the most horrible sobbing you can imagine! Hunter admitted he cried when the Grandpa missed his wife, everyone else avoided the question.

All Stars 2009

Hayden had a great All Star Season this year. He started at 2nd base, but according to the need of the team, sometimes he played 3rd and Rover. Dave was able to be an assistant coach so that made it easy for me. Hayden did great! He had a lot of great hits, awesome catches, lots of outs, and 1 HOME RUN! It was awesome cause his home run tied the score in the bottom of the 4th inning! And we ended up winning that game!

The last 2 games of the season Hayden played on an injured ankle. He had a High Ankle Sprain but battled through as hard as he could. The last inning of the last game his coach told him he had to sit out cause he was crying his ankle hurt so bad. But that just made him cry harder. He knew his team needed him! Hayden's life motto is: Sacrifice the body for the love of the game! I may tattoo it to his forehead so no one will look at me and judge me for letting him play injured!
He now wears a boot night and day (thank goodness we saved Hunter's boot or it would have been in a cast!) for 6 weeks (by 6 weeks I mean 2.5 Refer to life motto!
In one of the games Hayden's team was short almost had to forfeit but Hayden's cousin P came to the rescue, threw on a team shirt, and took the field. After the game we went to celebrate with ice cream!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Yellowstone Day 3

We awoke, Day 3, with a little car jacker. "Sandy" (as Hayden affectionately called her) got into Maka's car and could not for the life of her get out through the windshield...eventually she found her way out of one of the doors but not before we had a good laugh.

This was the day of driving, hiking, and waterfalls. Yellowstone Lake was so beautiful. As we drove around it I told the kids about my experiences fishing in Yellowstone Lake with my Grandpa and Grandma Dalling. The water is painfully cold, but we always caught fish.

We stopped at the Mud Volcano and the Dragon Cauldron (my personal favorite!) This was by far the COLDEST spot (we all had on triple layered clothes!) not to mention the STINKIEST!
Along the way to the water falls, we drove through Hayden Valley. How ironic that Hayden Valley is where all the animals are...Hmmmm seems fishy to me ;) From the Mud Volcano we could see Hayden Valley and thought this would be a great photo op. Hayden infront of Hayden Valley! Next stop was Uncle Tom's Trail. This trail took us to the Lower Falls. As we hiked and hiked, Hayden got hot really fast and shed his three layers of clothing but not before laying on the path and refusing to walk another step! So he shed his clothes and we were able to finish the hike.
Then it was off to the Upper Falls one of the most impressive and breathtaking spots in the world.

After lunch we departed from the rest of the family and headed home, the drive was LONG and our backs and butt's hurt by the end of it, but Yellowstone was well worth it.