Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dreams Do Come True

Senator Ben McAdams is a friend of mine and the other day he sent me an email and inviting Hunter to the Capitol Building for the Governor's State of the State Address. Hunter was blown away by this invitation and could not imagine anything better. Hunter told his coach he would have to miss a game, he told his YM leader that he would be missing YM and off we went.
When we got to the Capitol Senator Ben McAdams met us and gave us a behind the scene tour of the Capitol. Ben took Hunter all over and showed him the rooms and offices. He took us to the balcony where we were going to sit for the speech and introduced us to the influential people sitting around us, Hunter was star struck! Ben kept saying he was going to scare Hunter out of politics, but the more Hunter saw the more he wants it.
Right before the speech started Ben took Hunter down to the floor where the House of Representatives and Senators would be sitting, he showed Hunter the podium where the Gov. would be standing, and showed him the telepromptors they use.  On their way out of the room we ran into some good friends of mine. (These people were my 2nd Mom and Dad growing up, that is how much time I spent at their house!) Roger and Laurel Barrus. Roger is in the House of Representatives, and they were on their way in to sit down. After a brief explanation of what we were doing there Ben said, "I would love to smuggle Hunter down here for the speech, do you think that is a possibility?" Before Roger could respond Laurel said, "Hunter can have my seat, I have seen this a 100 times. Roger take Hunter with you."  I was a bit shocked and thought for sure Hunter would want to stay with me, he did not know these people, but Hunter had the hugest smile on his face and he said, "YES!"  So Laurel and I went off to the balcony and Hunter, Senator McAdams, and House Representative Barrus went to take their seats.
While Hunter was sitting on the floor lots of people came to him and shook his hand, talked to him, and encouraged him.

Roger Barrus is leaning on his chair next to Hunter.

Ben McAdams is standing in the gray suit with the red tie.
This shot was shown a couple times of the news, Hunter standing and clapping!!

After the speech Hunter was introduced to a lot of people, more than I can remember, and while Hunter was shaking hands and making a name for himself. A House Rep came up to me and asked if I was Hunter's Mom, he said that everyone in the House wears a special pin, and he wanted to give Hunter one. He said his office was on the top floor and if we went to the balcony he would drop the pin down to Hunter.  So we walked over to where he was dropping the pin and while we were waiting Rod Decker grabbed Ben and asked to interview him.

After the "pin drop" and the interview, Ben said he wanted Hunter to meet Lt. Gov. Bell. So they went over to him and shook hands with him and his wife, they were very gracious and asked where he lived and what school he went to, how old he was, then Lt. Gov. Bell told Hunter to keep up the good work and one day he could work in the Capitol. 

It truly was a night to remember, Hunter was so composed and professional through the entire event.  When we got in the car I asked him if he had fun and he said, "That was better than any sporting event I have ever been to or watched." Enough said!
Thank you Ben for the invitation, none of this would have happened if you had not taken the first step. I am grateful for good childhood friends. I am grateful they went out of their way to give Hunter the chance of a life time!
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hayden and Jr. Jazz

Hayden started his Jr. Jazz season this month. He is an amazing point guard, and he is used to defending Hunter and the other 6th graders, so the poor boys trying to dribble the ball down the court did not know what hit them. I think Hayden had 10 steals before the coach told him to ease up a bit. Go hard or go home right?

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LPA Game

This was a Varisty Game that Hunter got to play in. He played the entire 2nd half! Yeah Hunter!!

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New Years Eve 2010

New Years Eve was a small night filled with Fabulous food and great company!

We love spending time with Maka and Baka and they LOVED staying up until midnight with us!! Especially Baka! He wanted to spend more nights with us, mainly Hayden, but we had to turn him down... ;)

The best part of New Years Eve is the NEW YEAR MORNING BREAKFAST!

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Monkeys in the Bed

How many kids can you get in 1 bed???
Kristi and Angie had hotel rooms in Layton, so we packed up and went for the night with the Bham family! When we got their the kids started arranging the rooms as to who would sleep where. Grandma and Grandpa, due to their being "Elder" and all, got the room to themselves. Kristi and Matt got Leighton, Easton, and Ashton. Angie and Skee got Harley and Berklie. Me? I got the 5 monkeys in the bed! They were great, we jumped on the beds, we threw pillows at each other, we ran around making a rukus, then I read them a bedtime story and they were all asleep in a matter of minutes!
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Nerf Gun Wars II

Adults v Kids...round 1 pure domination.

Round 2 I joined with the kids, we set up and beat the adults over and over and over again!
Gimme the gun baby!
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Christmas Breakfast Tradition

Every Christmas morning we meet the Hunts at Village Inn for a Christmas breakfast. This is the 2nd year going, so I feel I can say it is a tradition now! We always have fun and look forward to next year when we can eat until we burst and not have to clean it up!!!

Deciding what to order is a piece if cake fwhen your BFF is helping you!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Santa Unloaded this year!!

Christmas morning was great! The kids were completely spoiled, but it was so much fun watching them discover what "Santa" brought them!
 A TV, PS 3, Madden 11, and Move controllers...these are 2 lucky boys!

 Oh yeah more iTouch accessories!

 Safety first. Hayden got a new bike and a new helmet!
 Yes this is a box of Old Spice, and yes, that is the biggest smile on his face. He has been begging me to buy him Old Spice for weeks...wirdest kid ever!!

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