Friday, May 30, 2008

Harley's Last Day Of School

Harley took her own camara to school today and took pictures of her friends, teachers, and classmates. After school the 5th grade had a huge end of year party (thank you Jules) and they played soccer, Dance Dance Revolution, X-Box, ate pizza, had drinks, and ate doughnuts. She had the best time and was sad when it ended. She however was having so much fun that she did not take any pics of the party! This is a picture of Harley's 5th grade class and her teachers. Can you find Harley's crush?? These are Harley's girlfriends:
Harley's teacher and assistant are: (the girl with Harley is one of Harley's fav. friends)

Hunter's Last Day Of School

Today was the last day of school for Hunter. I gave him a camara and told him to take pictures of what he wants to remember. Hunter has 3 best best friends, they are:

Hunter's amazing teacher was extremely patient and worked her hardest to make Hunter comfortable in her class. She was a great friend and teacher. The teacher and the assistant are:Hunter's friends are very important to him. He plans to go to High School with them, go on missions together, get married and live by each other. Hunter captured how he feels about his friends in one photo....

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Field Day at LPA

Hunter and Hayden came home from field day with medals. They both took 3rd place in the school Olympics Event at LPA. They competed in the long jump, relay race, sit ups, push ups, and 50 yard dash. In each grade 3 students were awarded a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medal. So the boys competed against 50 other students! I am so impressed, of course we all knew Hayden would win...he told us this morning that he may not compete so the other kids could have a chance at winning...right! Harley did not get a medal but her class got to tie die shirts and she looks so cute in hers! Hunter got his certificates for an A+ in History and Geography (shocking right) and an A+ in Science. Looks like this Olympic medalist is also a brainiac. I have great kids and am lucky they are mine, they put up with a lot of crap and keep coming home for more...such devotion!
After talking about the last day of school Hayden realized what the "last day of school" actually meant, "as in I don't go back to school again, not on monday or tuesday or until August?" And the tears came and he cried and cried...apparently he does not want to stop going to school. He just wants to stop going to Reading and Math. Will I ever figure this kid out?

Harley's Art Work

I finally got Harley's art work from her school. These were her best paintings and drawings. She did a great job and I will be hanging some of them on the wall of my class room.

These are paintings that Harley painted with my Dad over the winter. Of course the castle hangs on my wall by my other castle picture and my sword. Harley gave that to me for Christmas, boy does she know me or what? The well is a painting of an actual wishing well that her Grandpa made and displays in his yard.

All my kids have incredible talent and I am proud of the work they have brought home.

Memorial Day Weekend

It was a great weekend for us. On Sunday we started the celebrations by picking up Great Grandma Miles and driving to Orem for dinner and games. We had shishkabobs that were so yummy. Baka did a great job at the grill and Maka always does a great job with the dinner so we were all full and happy! The kid table was sparse and we missed all the cousins!!
After dinner Maka got out a game and the kids started playing it. Dave and Baka laughed at how "easy it was" but the kids were not able to do it. Then they stepped up and quickly realized that it was not as easy as it looked. Then the competition began, who was the biggest looser! After that game the boys and Baka moved on to a friendly game of basketball. They played until it was 9pm. When they were called in, Baka came in bleeding and scraped up. Maka was worried, but Baka will pull through. I told him to take Advil and a hot bath, we were not sure he was going to be able to get out of bed the next day. But the boys had a lot of fun playing with Baka and will always have that memory with them. Fitting for memorial day right?
Monday morning was rainy and cold, so the Burningham picnic was canceled. We went to Grandma and Grandpa B's house and ate yummy pizza, chicken nuggets, salad, fruit, pie, and smores. I think I gained about 10lbs in one day! The winner for the most creative meal goes to little E who was dipping his banana in ranch dressing...Iwonder if he is supposed to be mine?
After dinner the rain stopped for a momment and the kids went outside to play basketball. Grandpa supervised the game and helped the little ones. It was another great memory for my kids. I am grateful for such great grandparents in my kids lives. They make the world a better place.
After the game we drove to Layton to get tickets for the new movie Prince Caspian. We ended up having 2 hours of kill time before the movie started and we hit the Layton Hills Mall to walk around and explore. Hayden was facinated with this thing we called "mall". He has never been in one, wow what a girl I am. But we had fun looking at the Sports stores. The movie was great we all loved it. It got out at 9pm and we were really tired by the time we got home. We had a fantastic Memorial Day and look forward to summer when we can do things like this more often!

All About Hunter #40

It has been brought to my attention that "about Hunter" has been lacking in the posting area. We have tons of Hayden and a lot about Harley, but only 1 about Hunter. So he requested that I do a post about his football career. Hunter played football for Bountiful High Little League this year. The practices started in August and were the hardest thing Hunter has ever done. He passed out 1 time and came close 3 times.
Before they got their official BHS Jersey's Hunter wore Dave's Bigham High School #21 to the summer practices. Although the initials were the same, the color was all wrong and Hunter was teased relentlessly due to wearing "the enemy colors". At tryouts Hunter was clocked as the fastest runner on the team and was placed on the A Team. We were so proud of him and knew that he was going to be an excellent player.

Hunter's team won all but 1 game in regular season. He played in the heat, rain, snow, and wind. In October he thought he was going to freeze to death, but realized that Oct. was warm compared to November. Hunter intercepted the ball and ran for a touchdown which happened so fast even he was surprised. Hunter's team took first place in the championship and got trophy's.
He battled through a wierd strain of mono during the football year and got a lot of bumps and bruises. He learned that hitting someone can be painful for both parties, and that sometimes the sideline is the safest place to be (Go #40)!
Hunter is not sure if he wants to continue his career in Little League, he feels it would be in his best interest to hold out until he is old enough for the NFL draft.
P.S. If you are an NFL hopeful, it helps to act like one, arriving in style is essential!

He Get's All The Girls!

Hunter is the luckiest guy I know. Everywhere he goes there are women that want to be with him. He currently has 2 girls obsessed about him. The first one we will call "B" she is the cutest girl, dark hair, dark eyes, shy, sensitive, and in love with Hunter. "B" often calls the house to have playdates with Hunter. She always wants to play family and she is the mommy and Hunter is the husband. "B" asked her mom this concerning question, "If I marry Hunter, then can he never leave the house, and he has to stay with me forever?" Hmmmmm....
The second girls is "S". She is an adorable dark haired, dark eyed girl who lives very far away, but still interacts with Hunter. She draws him pictures and can write his name. I posted one of "S" drawings of Hunter below.
Well, Hunter sure has his hands full with these 2 girls. Did I mention that they are 4 yrs. and 3 yrs. old? Oh and one more thing...they are both his cousins! Yes, Hunter sure has a way with the ladies!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kimmy's House

Saturday night we went to Kim and Kent Jackson's house in Weber County. Kim, who we call Kimmy, just got 5 baby cows and the kids wanted to see them and help feed them. When we got to their house the baby calves were very hungry and the kids were very excited. Well, Harley and Hayden were excited, Hunter was not sure this is how he wanted to spend his evening. But he warmed up quickly to the idea and was soon bottle feeding a calf all by himself. Kent was a great teacher and helped the kids with the bottles. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was well worth the drive.

Harley ended up being the one to stick with the bottle feeding project while the boys ran off to discover other corners of Kim's property. Harley helped Kim and Kent finish the feeding and absolutely loved it!
After the cows got their dinner, we BBQ'd hamburgers and hot dogs, had watermelon, and pie! The kids ate as fast as they could because there was so much for them to do.
There was basketball,

There was feeding Kim's horse Shayla,

There was ripping out bushes and leveling the horse pasture with the four wheeler. Kent was very patient and each of the kids got a turn to ride with him. The boys especially thought this was a fantastic project. The can't wait to rip out the rest of Kim's bushes...

And last but not lease, making friends with Gunner and Wrangler, Kim's 2 Blue Heeler dogs. Harley took a particular liking to Wrangler and begged us to take her home with us. Kim and Kent thought that was a great idea. Dave and I said that Harley could stay with Kim and then she could be with the dog!

At the end of the visit (10:30pm) the kids were happy and the adults were tired. Harley was promised a summer of staying with Kim and her new baby and the kids all fell asleep in the truck on the way home. It was a great time and we will definitely go back and visit if the Jackson's will have us! Thanks Kim and Kent for opening up your home and letting the kids explore your farm.