Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bountiful v Alta

Bountiful's opening game was against Alta today at Cottonwood High School. B-town thought they were the lucky ones to get to play on the artificial turf until they stepped foot onto the field. It was burning hot and the heat coming off of it was enough to bake the boys, but the game must go on.
Bountiful's start was shaky and a bit frustrating for the fans. The night before the game B-town had a huge mess up with their jerseys and all the boys had to give up their numbers and get new jerseys. It made it impossible to know who was who during the game. Due to the confusion in numbers the wrong were boys running on and off the field. This lead to off sides, 12 men on the name it B-town did it! Alta took advantage on the first play to score a touchdown, it was not looking good. But at half time Bountiful pulled it together and came out ready to stomp on the Hawks. Munk who now wears the number 20 was on fire, from the heat, and from the drive to win the game. He made some key tackles, and was in on a sack of the Alta quarterback. The game came down to 2 points and B-town beats the Hawks 18-16. It was a close ending and the fans were yelling and ranting by the end of the game.
Hunter is the red guy wrapped around his waist

When Munk was asked how he felt about the game he said, "I missed some tackles and I forgot to be on the line at first, but I made the adjustments and next game I will not be as nervous." Hunter must be doing something right becuase he is the starting Defensive End (right side), Kick Off, Kick Return, Punt Recieve, Punt Return, and was put in as Full Back for yesterday's game.
Next week they travel to Alta to play a different Alta team, and hope to smash them from the start.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Munk Family

We had a fun Sunday with Aunt A, Cousin E, and Cousin S. They came from Washington State for the weekend. We had a fabulous dinner of grilled salmon and ended the night with a fun birthday party for Cousin S! We will miss them and hope to see them again soon!

Harley's Musical Debut

We finally got the DVD of the musical the Harley and Hunter were in. I recorded Harley's solo for those of you that did not get to see her. The picture is bad, but the sound should be fine! We are very proud of her, she did such a good job!

Harley's Violin

This year Harley gets to start playing the violin in her school Orchestra. We hunted around all summer looking for the perfect violin. In the middle of August a surprise landed at our house when one of Harley's Great Aunts dropped off a violin and told her "as long as you play it is yours to keep." Harley was so excited she couldn't wait to learn how to play it. So I called my friend, Dena Brady, and asked her if she would give Harley a couple lessons on the violin. Dena helped us string it, buy the essentials (like Rosin), and showed Harley a few of the basics (how to hold the violin, how to hold the bow, how to use the rosin, how to put the violin in the case...)
Then last weekend Dave's sister was in town and we got together for a Sunday dinner. Harley brought her violin to show everyone and low and behold, Aunt A used to play the violin, and she remembered a song. So she played it for us and then taught Harley how to play the beginning of it. We can't wait for her class to start on Monday so she can learn how to play like the pro's.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Scrimage or Bust

The Bountiful Peewee's have had a busy scrimmage schedule this week. They opened up the season with a scrimmage against Granger. It was a daunting task for these small town Bountiful boys, on first glance it looked like the smallest players on the Granger team were weighing in at 100lbs. And by the actions of their coaches, Granger thought they were on their way to the NFL. But there was one B-town boy that was not going to let Granger throw him around. #83, Hunter Munk B-town's Defensive End, was fired up and ready to take Granger down. There were many attempts to take 83 and throw him to the curb, but Munk was having none of that! After watching Munk "juke" his way out of this tackle I had the urge to yell out "How you like them apples?"
Granger knew our boys were nervous to tackle them and they used it to their advantage. That is until Munk let the rage in him take over and he threw this Granger Running Back down and attempted to rip the ball from his hands. There seemed to be a moment of shocked silence then screams of approval from the sidelines and a lot of helmet smacking from the B-town coaches!
Next we move on to Woods Cross. Woods Cross seemed to be a hard team to play for Bountiful. There were complaints of the radiating fire heat from the artificial turf burning through the cleats but the coaches would hear none of it and sent the boys out with words of affirmation. WX has an interesting twist for young Munk, his 2nd cousin, Caleb Clayton, was playing for them as well as his best friend Jonah Hartvigsen. Jonah and Hunter met up on the sideline and took a moment to pose for the camera. After the first game we were able to get a shot of them with their helmets off.
The two teams seemed to be a good match and the competition was fierce. In the second scrimmage against WX, Munk almost met his yearly goal when he rushed WX's quarter back and almost sacked him. It was a near miss and a great attempt! Munk's father said, "He took the wrong angle, if he would have gone straight he would have had him."
The B-town boys put a lot of heart into this game the grass seemed to cool them off and they played much better. Munk had some NFL quality blocks when the coach put him on offense. And his parents were pleased to see him play both sides of the ball. Munk seems to have blossomed this year as a defensive player and his coaches are very pleased with his game. Coach Metcalfe told reporters after the scrimmage. "Hunter is a stud, he was on fire in that second game." Munk and the Bountiful Peewees have their first season game next Saturday, times to be announced. We look forward to many great things from this team and from #83, Munk!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Back To School

Wednesday marked the end of the summer for the Munk kids. School started and LPA and the alarm went off so so so early in the morning! The kids were so excited to get to school, meet their new teachers and see what friends were in their class. Harley is in 6th grade this year, Hunter is in 4th, and Hayden is in 2nd. Thanks to my bestest friend Jules, who always has my back, I downloaded the picture she took of my kids off her blog! Those of you love Hayden will notice he has a new pig named Matthew. Matthew is a special pig that was given to him by my friend and O.T. Krisanne. Matthew weighs about 20lbs. and is going to help Hayden when he is sad at school! Harley absolutly loves her Teacher and Aide, she is so happy this year, YEAH! Hunter said, "I was so nervous I forgot to empty my backpack, but now that I know what to expect I will remember tomorrow." Hayden did really good until he got in the car for carpool and when Jules asked him how his day was he layed his head on Harley's lap and burst into tears. But, due to Jules quick thinking and planning for such a disaster, she had the DVD player ready and immediatly started Alvin and the ChipmUnks, which dried up his tears. (We will not talk about what happened when we got home...)
We are excited for this year, it marks the end of elementary for Harley...she will be 12 in one month!! We wish her an amazing 6th grade and lots of learning fun!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Haircut

Harley got a new school starting haircut! Check out the before and after pictures!

Happy Birthday Hunter!

August 10, 2008 Hunter turned 10 years old. Hunter's birthday events started on Friday at 1pm when Grandma and Grandpa Burningham took him to Applebee's for lunch. Hunter was very concerned about spending too much on his dinner, so he ordered a Caesar Salad. Then the waitresses came and sang Happy Birthday to him and gave him Key Lime Pie for desert. Hunter thought this was really good and decided that Key Lime Pie is his new favorite dessert. After lunch Hunter got to go to Roberts Craft and pick out a model airplane. When he got home he went straight to the table and started working on the airplane. It is not finished yet, but very close! (Of course I forgot to send the camera with him to lunch, so I have no pictures-sorry!)
On Sunday morning I made Hunter pancakes and he requested a 10. Then he was privileged to take his food into the living room to eat and watch the Olympics. (USA v. China Men's Basketball game was going on).
Maka and Baka made a birthday dinner for Hunter! The best news was that Hunter's cousin Ellie was there!! We ate roast and mashed potato's with oatmeal rolls (Hunter's favorite) and a chocolate football cake that Maka made!
Hunter got a lot of gifts and was very grateful for them. Maka and Baka got him 5 new school shirts and all the things he needed for Weblos!! Ellie gave him a Skull Cap (for those of you that are not football savvy:a very very tight under armor hat that you wear under your helmet to keep your head warm in the winter or soak up the sweat in the heat). Ellie played a funny joke on Hunter by wrapping the present in about 5,000 pages of paper then wrapping paper. He had to unwrap and unwrap took about 10 minutes to get to the cap! From Mom and Dad Hunter got his very own blue...iPod Shuffle! Now he can listen to music when ever he wants and he doesn't have to borrow mine or Harley's.
Hunter is a great kid and we love him so much! He is very patient and puts up with a lot of being "in the middle." He has great goals in life: playing football, graduating and getting a scholarship to a college, serving a mission, going to college, serving the country in the military, going in to politics, running for President of the United States of America, working for world peace and happy families. I know that Hunter has to potential to accomplish his goals, so stay tuned and Vote for Munk!

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Amazing Munk

All winter I have been hearing rumors about this great athlete named Hunter Munk, "he is going to sack the Q-back, he is going to intercept the ball, he is going to throw people out of his way and make the touchdown", he is going to be amazing. So I have been anxiously awaiting summer practices to I could get a glimpse of this super star Munk. I have to admit I was a little bit skeptical, after all the kid was 9 years old. But this morning, and I mean morning, at 6:30am I witnessed the most beautiful thing. Hunter Munk was the most amazing football player out on the field. He ran hard, he hit hard, he blocked hard. It was 2 hours of pure enjoyment for me. Hunter was all smiles after practice and couldn't wait until tomorrow, at 6:30am, so he could practice again. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. A big thanks to Coach Metcalf & Co. And a BIG "Go Munk" for Hunter, the star athlete.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Pictures for Dad

Today was Dave's first day at Bountiful High School. He was very nervous and needed to get his office in order so he could concentrate on learning the new system. The kids and I walked up to see him at 10:30am and he was in a state of panic and hysteria. He was not happy with the desk situation, the chair situation, the decorating situation, and the "new" situation. He was in a funk and couldn't move on until it was resolved. So the kids and I got to work and started rearranging and decorating. Dave was very grateful for someone to save him from the stress of it all.
At 12:30pm the kids and I went home and did a surprise photo shoot for the bulletin board in his office. The theme as you can see (below) was football. I thought this would help Dave relax to look at something he loves more than anything, his kids and football. I am very pleased with the picture results. There are about 30 pictures that will boarder the bulletin board, 3 pictures I made into 5x7's and backed them on red paper, hung Hunter's Bountiful football jersey on one side, and Hunter's BHS football flag on the other side. I have to admit it is really cool. I wish I had the board in my room at school.
We wish Dave the best of luck learning the new computer system and hope when he gets stressed out he will look at his board and know that we love him.