Monday, December 27, 2010

Championship Baby!!!!!

We WON!! We WON!! The Braves Gremlin Team win the championship!  It was the coldest of cold days with a bitter wind and rain off and on, but this amazing team battled through and beat the team that defeated them during league play!  It was a good game and Hayden played AWESOME!
I love this picture becuase Hunter grabbed the face mask of Hayden's helmet and they were eye to eye.  Hunter was giving him the pep talk that only an experienced Gremlin Champion and BIG brother can give!

 Love this pic!

Yes he still has his game face on...always has his game face on, unless someone says "SMILE"

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Lagoon 2010

What could be funner than Novell Lagoon Day? NOTHING!! We had so much fun at lagoon this year.  Harley and Ellie. Hunter and Jackson (friend).  Sabine and Maka.  Hayden and Baka (thanks for volunteering!!) And Dave and Stefie. We had fun seeing the older kids with their independence meet us at designated spots, just to beg to go off and explore without the adults!

There was only one incident where Hunter and Jackson ended up on the Wild Mouse with some strangers and at the very tip tip top the ride stopped dead in it's tracks.  They were up there for a good 15 minutes before the ride started again.  Both boys were very pale when they got off the ride.  Hunter gave me a big hug when he got off and said, "that was the scariest thing ever! The guy infront of us kept saying we were going to die." Nice of the adult man on the ride with children to panic and freak out everyone on the ride...
After that Jackson and Hunter played it safe and kept their feet on the ground, while Ellie and Harley went on every crazy upside down, fast, spining, scary ride in the park.
We had a blast and stayed until 10pm when the park closes.  It was really nice spending time with the cousins and look forward to next year when we can spend time with the PA cousins!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

While Hunter and Dave were at a scout over-nighter and Harley was out with her friends; Hayden and I put up the christmas tree! It was fun to spend that time with him and let him decorate it however he wanted. The tree turned out so cute!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Playoffs for Hayden

Hayden's football team made it to the playoffs this year.  They played WX and KILLED them! Hayden played so great. He had some really hard hits and almost had another interception! It was a lot of fun to watch and we are so excited to play in the Championship!

Hunter played in the Championship when he was 9 and won, so Hayden would like to follow in his big brothers footsteps and bring home the trophy!
Good Luck Hayden!

Wrestling 2010...Again?

This year we decided NOT to have Hayden do wrestling. Yet somehow, he ended up begging us to sign him up and wrestling.  He has a natural talent for the sport and it is really fun to watch him.  The BHS wrestling coach even said, "I forgot how much intensity he wrestles with. Man, I love watching him." is not all fun and games after the adrenaline has ravaged his little body, and the emotions that are pent up come exploding out!

There are lots of tears after the match and we have to spend some time calming down in the quiet corners of the halls. Then back out on the mat for more wrestling.  Hayden did really well this year, he won all his matches, but having his football team make the play offs it was hard to make all the practices and he missed the State Meet.  But the t-shirt is cool, he was happy with that, and he was happy with the meets he did go to! Congrats Hayden, your natural ability to excel at all sports inspires me!
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Thankgiving 2010

Thanksgiving this year we were at the Munk's.  The dinner was lovely as always, Maka always out does herself.  This year we went around the table and said what we were thankful for.  I was very impressed by the answers my kids gave and would like to share with you what they were.
Harley: The Gospel or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Hunter: Our new house.
Hayden: Animals and pets.
Dave: My wife (ahhhhhhhh-it's about time)

Stefie: My new house with a garage

Of course my favorite part was the desert. I had a big bit of everything. The chocolate pie, the pumpkin cheese cake, and the HOMEMADE APPLE PIE-my persoal fav!
We played an intense gave of Fumbly Pegs in which Grandma Miles pulled Harley across the table trying to get the most points! Go Grandma!
We are so blessed and Thanksgiving is the best time for us to reflect on how much we have.  I am thankful for my life and the hard times I stumble upon, with out the bumps I would not have the strength and determination I have developed along the way. 
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Happy Birthday Mom!

This year my birthday landed on a monday.  It was a lot of fun getting gifts and celebrating my birthday.  I got a clastle that lights up from Harley.  She told me she had a YW project that her leaders needed her for and they took her to the store and she picked it out.  She was dead on...I LOVE it! Thanks Buggie

The boys gave me a sweater and a jacket that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! And that card...well that is from Dave of course. He wanted me to wear the button to school, I was not sure the 1st graders I teach would appreciate it as much as he did! LOL It was a great day and I am so grateful to all those that wished me a Happy Birthday! I can't wait to see what Christmas brings I got a LOT of money from

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Happy Halloweennnnnnnnnnn

 Happy Halloween!!!  This year marks the second year for our Munk family Halloween tradition.  We start with dinner at Olive Garden with Maka and Baka.  And his year Great Grandma Miles came with us. We love eating at Olive Garden and everyone gets super FULL on good Italian food and not candy!! (Super plus for the parents)

After Dinner at Olive Garden we went to see the movie Legend of the Guardians.  It was an excellent movie with a great lesson at the end of it.  The kids really liked it and had a lot of fun.

I am glad that we found a tradition that is fun and family oriented.  I hope to keep this tradition long into the kids teenage years! It is a great way to enjoy the Halloween and spend time together! Happy Halloween everyone!