Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nice Try

This is the face you get when you attempt to throw Hayden out at home plate...yikes!

Happy Birthday to Hunter!

Hunter is officially 14!!

We went to Gateway and looked for some shoes and other adidas accessories

California Pizza Kitchen: California Club

And the best part of all...ending the day at practicing with his friends

Driving to Maka's for his Birthday dinner with Great Grandma Miles! We love driving with Grandma, she tells us exciting and interesting stories from her past!

Football Cake...Maka you are the best!

Best birthday dinner ever! Thanks Maka!

Hunter wanted to get a bigger chair to sit in...big enough for you??

Hunter went to Jimmy John's with Grandma and Grandpa B for his birthday lunch!

London Olympics 2012

Hunter is a huge Olympic fan, he watched every event possible.

He even made his own volleyball net out of our hammock


Centerville Water Fall

We went with the Fox's to the Centerville waterfall. Hayden promised not to get wet...

That promise did not last long....

Besters (my new word for my sisters and I)

More Zoo Pics

Did I mention the Zoo is Hayden's favorite place to go????

Hunter is 14!!!


Even though we don't have time to take lessons, Hunter still loves to sit at the piano and play songs he has memorized.

Money, money, Money...what will he purchase with all that money??
Addidas clothing, shoes, and socks...his favorite brand of apparel!

First Day of School

Hayden started his first day of school today. He is a 6th grader this year and King of the School!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012