Friday, August 28, 2009

We will miss Gauze

Floy Peterson Munk 1924 ~ 2009 Our precious mother, grandmother, aunt and friend, Floy Peterson Munk, 84, passed away August 22, 2009 in Boise, ID. Born December 13, 1924 in Fairview, Utah to Edward J. and Maudie Stewart Peterson. She married her high school sweetheart, J. McPherson (Mack) Munk, August 4, 1943; sealed in the Manti LDS Temple on July 12, 1949. Mother was a gifted seamstress and made many beautiful crocheted items and quilts for her family. She was a skilled cook and gardener. She loved to be out in nature and appreciated the beauty of the journey. She had a voracious appetite for reading and learning. With her husband, she served a mission in the Denver, Colorado Temple in 1987-88; also a service mission in the Salt Lake area with the Thailand Branch. She also served as Stake and Ward Young Women's president, Relief Society president, Primary counselor, and went to Young Women's camp 17 times. She had been a visiting teacher since she was 26 years old. She loved people and gave her life in service to others. Survived by children, Kathleen (Stephen) Bywater, Randell (Ginger) Munk, Leslie (Steven) Pratt, Sheldon Munk; 11 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Preceded in death by her husband, Mack, all her siblings, Theda, Thora, Ted, Connie Rae, and Maxie. Funeral services will be held Saturday, August 29, 2009, at 11:30 a.m. at the Murray 25th Ward, 363 E. Vine St. Friends and family may call Saturday from 10:00 - 11:15 a.m. at the church prior to services. Interment: Manti City Cemetery. Online condolences may be shared with the family at

Monday, August 24, 2009

My kids!

I love these pictures of the kids! It really captures their personalities!!
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First Day of School 2009

Jr. High, 5th Grade, and 3rd Grade. What is this world coming too?

I have to admit, my kids look so grown up in these pictures. We got up early and made Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, packed lunches, and it was out the door and to Millcreek Jr. High.
Harley was very nervous and wanted me to walk her into the school but not before I got pictures of her walking to school by herself!

It was very "intimidating" as Harley put it when we walked in and saw swarms of students standing in the hall and Harley knew NONE of them...I left her at the front door with a look of panic and tears in my eyes (I have never cried when my kids went to school, especially her, she has always been ready and willing to go!). I walked out to the car and tried really hard not to cry in front of the boys and Hunter says, "Mom I am so scared for her, what if she gets bullies, you should go back in there and stay with her until class starts." Hunter is such a tender kid! I told him if I went back in and stayed with her she would for sure get bullied!
Harley called me right after school and told me all the fun things and how wonderful Jr High was! She said the school lunch was THE BEST!! (she has never had school lunch!) and that kids need to look in the mirror at what they are wearing, "Girls in mini skirts looking like Goth, boys in tight purple pants, boys with long lame hair, girls with low cut shirts. They need to watch What Not To Wear!" She cracks me up! No more uniforms for her...and as her Uncle Skee put it "Hello reality."
The boys both had good days too. They love their classrooms and both of their friends are in their classes so life is good! We are excited to go back to school...that is until the alarm goes off, then they want to sleep in!!

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He's a Fighter

Hayden's 8 year old football team scrimmaged the 9 year old A team last week. At first we all thought it was a good idea. "It will toughen them up, help them become better." And it was all fun and games until the game actually started...Hayden was horse collared, shoved in the back so many times he was screaming mad, hit so hard it stunned him, and well the pictures tell you the rest.

The white marks in the middle of the bruise are lumps. Lumps of what? Not sure, maybe bone, maybe cartilage...all I know is they are huge and they are painful!

Hayden was on defense and he was running to tackle the ball runner when *!@*BAM!**@! from the side came a full speed offensive player hitting into Hayden with the force of Hercules. Hayden went down and did not get back up. He was crying and rolling around on the ground. I, being a well trained football mother, did not walk onto the field I RAN onto the field!! The league president was the first on the scene and as I approached I heard, "You are ok, just breathe, dude just breathe." Then all the coaches gathered around and the coach from the other team came over and said, "Oh crap is that Hayden? Sorry Stef" After much tears (maybe some were from me...but mostly Hayden) and deep breaths he stood up and walked off the field. On the side line I gave him a hug and told him he was very brave. He looked up at me with those "Hayden Eyes" and said, "I am going back in there and I am going to kill that kid." Then he threw his helmet on and ran out on the field, tapped his coach on the arm and said, "I'm ready." Not sure what to do at that point I turned on the camera hoping to get some pictures of my son before he was officially killed.
He delivered some pretty hard hits to the other team on defense, but on offense they just beat on him until he grabbed his arm and asked to be taken out. He was holding his arm below the elbow crying when I walked over to him to see where he was hurt he said, "Mom, I just want to go home, I hurt everywhere on my body." My heart broke for him and I gave him a pep talk then went and sat down. The next thing I knew he was back on the field telling his coach he was ready to play. Some of the parents said they were glad it was Hayden getting hurt and not their kid because Hayden is the only kid they know that would continue to play. The league pres. said, "Never in all my years of little league football have I ever seen a Gremlin get hit that hard, ever! And then to go back and play, that kid is intense."
2 days after the game, the bruises started to appear. He complained that it hurt to touch his arm and when I asked where, he would say "everywhere". Needless to say Saturday morning we invested in forearm pads...something I thought was for show-now I see the need.
I am very proud of Hayden he was really beat up and he did not quit. Even when he thought he couldn't play any longer he put aside his pain and stepped up for his team. I envision a great future for this kid. Whether it is with sports or not, he is a fighter and no 9 year old is going to make him stop. Cry maybe but not stop!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

These I Love!!

These are the kids that I love more than life! These are the kids I would die with out! These are the kids my world revolves around!
These are MY kids!

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3rd Grade!!

It is hard to believe that my baby is in 3rd Grade!! Hayden is the one that keeps us all on our toes. We never know what he is going to do or say. Hayden has been sent to our family to teach us patience and long suffering. He also teaches us to have compassion and love for all living creatures, intensity in all sports, and to see the world "outside of the box". He is quite the kid!
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5th grader!

Hunter is the big man on campus this year! 5th graders are the oldest at LPA and they get to "dominate the playground."
Hunter tends to get lost in the middle becuase he is not the oldest drama queen sister, and not the demanding look at me youngest. He is a soft spoken, gentle, giant that keeps the peace at our house!
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Jr. High Here I Come!!

Here are some pictures of my beautiful teenage daughter!!!! She is starting Jr. High this year and I can't believe it!!
Some of Harley's teenage ambitions are: to watch a PG 13 movie on her birthday!!, survive Jr. High, make money so she can get her own cell phone, sit at the "adult table", get a facebook account, and make lots and lots of friends!!
She truly is a rose among thorns at our house!
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

2 Touchdowns!

Hayden (34 or Orange couth piece) had his first scrimmage on Saturday. It was the Bountiful 8 v. Bountiful 8. Hayden's team started off on Offense and when they handed the ball off to Hayden he ran 40 yards for a touchdown!! There were a few kids that tried to take him down, but he kept his feet moving and refused to go down! We did a lot of screaming and yelling and cheering! Then it was on to Defense!

On defense Hayden made some key tackles. He was lined up on the left side of the field and he ran all the way across the field to tackle the ball runner (which happened to be his friend) and prevent him from scoring!

The second time Hayden was on Offense he was handed the ball again and ran 30 yards for another touchdown! Can you believe it!! 2 touchdowns!! This is a perfect way to start the year! He ran and juked and stiff armed and didn't give up until he crossed the goal line! We are so proud of him!! He played great!
The score now: Hunter 1 touchdown, Hayden 2 touchdowns!
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Park City 2009

Park City was cut short for us this year. Dave and both boys started football, so we only got to stay for the weekend. We still made it fun and adventurous! We started with swimming and tennis. After coming to the painful awareness that tennis is not the sport for our family we moved onto the basketball court where the boys took on Dave in a game to the death. They ended in a tie!

On Sunday we jumped on the bus and headed into downtown, Main Street, Park City! As always the bus is fun for the kids and a nice air conditioned sitting break for the adults. When we got off the bus we headed to the main street and followed the CROWDS of people into a Art Festival! It was really cool, we had no idea it was going on and we enjoyed every minute of it! We looked at all the art work, enjoyed walking around the shops, and took lots of pictures, until we got kicked out for illegally entering the festival without paying! How were we supposed to know? We just got off the bus and walked down the was when we were trying to leave the festival when they asked us where our wrist bands were...ummmmm our what???
We quickly left and avoided paying for something we did not intent to be at!! We headed to the park and let the kids play in the blistering heat while we adults rested in the shade.
After the park it was time to pack up and head for home! Football was calling! We had a lot of fun and look forward to next year when hopefully we will be able to spend more time with the Jensen's and Park City!
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Chicken Fight!

These are not my children playing a dangerous and illegal swimming game. These are other children that look just like mine and we encountered them in Park City and took pictures of the fun and danger!
I love that my kids are old enough to play games that can get them kicked out of a swimming pool. Bring on the big kid games!

P.S. Hunter's facial expressions made all the illegalness of this momment well worth it!
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