Sunday, May 29, 2011

Drama Queen

She just is so perfect!
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Handsome Boys

Th Future Munk Missionaries...look out world!
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Women with Integrity

Harley made this for one of her YW projects!
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Love these people

Once upon a time in a land far far away where I have endless money to spend I blew this up to a 20 x insanely big and framed it and hung it on my wall!

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Shooting with Grandpa

We went to the gun range with Grandpa the other day and had fun shooting. We started with the 22's then went to the shotguns (which are my favorite!) We all had fun and got some great shots. I, for one, am now addicted to trying to hit those darn clay pigeons! I can't get enough of it! The boys were great and loved to shoot, but the funniest was Harley she was shooting guns that were so big and had such a kick that I was scared of them! She shot them all and loved ever minute of it! Thanks Grandpa!

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Hunter the Track Star!

Hunter is on the LPA track team this year (we are so grateful the 6th graders get to run!!) and he had his 1 and only track meet this week. He was really nervous and did not want to loose any of his races. Hunter runs the 100 meter (the video is of him running the 100 meter) and the 200 meter. The 200 meter was first he ran in 30 seconds earning him 1st place. Then he ran the 100 and it was a very close one against some 9th graders. He ran it in 14.4 seconds and earned himself the title "Fastest kid at LPA"! Hunter is a talented runner and can't wait to get to Jr High and start smashing records left and right!

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