Sunday, September 27, 2009

Harley's Surprise Birthday Party!!

Harley was so sad that she was not able to have a party for her 13th birthday. She couldn't have one because we planned a SURPRISE party for her!!! It was a great surprise!! We had pizza, cake, ice cream, and a PG 13 Movie!!!! And yes, it was the first "girl/boy" party for the kiddo's so it was like Christmas! She had friends from LPA, Millcreek, and our neighborhood.
There was not a whole lot of movie watching, however there was a lot of PARTYING!! The kids had fun and partied until 10pm! Harley scored with the presents, even the boys gave her some great gifts! Thanks to everyone who helped, came, and had fun!

Harley 13 w/ Bhams

Harley got a great gift from Grandma and Grandpa Burnigham. A Digital Sony Walkman! It is great and she LOVES it! Thanks!

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Harley 13 w/ Munks

We went to the Munk's for Harley's Birthday dinner. The cake was amazing and the dinner was delicious!

She got a heart ring and a NEW Bedding Set! She has moved on to "teenage stuff" and she was ready for a new bed set. Maka took her shopping the day before and they picked out the cutest bedding set! Thanks Maka and Baka!

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Hayden v Bingham

This was one of the HOTTEST games we have had yet! It was so hot and Hayden hurt his ankle the day before the game, so he was back in an ankle brace. Then we put some underarmour with back and rib pads on him and he over heated halfway through the game! We dumped ice cold water down him and took off the mutiple layers to help him cool off. But after the rough start, he stepped it up and made some great runs and some great tackles. Maka, Baka, Kristi and Family, Grandma and Grandpa B all came to watch him and cheer for him!

This is a picture of Hayden and what we call the chicken wing. When I asked him about it he said, "yeah that is my signature move."
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Hunter v Viewmont

We were picked to loose this one, and so our hopes were not high. The team was pumped up and ready to win and ready to prove everyone wrong! And prove it they did. The Braves battled and battled to win the game 21 to 14. Hunter was once again the hero. He ran and ran and ran the ball getting his team down the field and in great position to score. Maka, Baka, Angie and Family, Grandma and Grandpa B, and our home teacher Bro. Farnsworth all came out for the early game! And they were not disappointed. It took about 4 VHS players to take down Hunter. He is not an easy tackle. I am amazed at how far he has come as a football player! What an improvement!

How about that stiff arm?? "Get outta my way looser!" Hunter ran for a touchdown and these 3 Vikings chased and chased him, but they could not catch him and he ran the ball in untouched for the Braves!

Yes this is a picture of the 3 Vikings it took to bring Hunter to the ground! Go Hunter!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hayden V. Hunter

It was a really tough game this one. This Hunter team as HUGE and our team was NOT HUGE!! Hayden started the game off good but was quickly hit in the elbow with a face mask and down for the count for a bit. After icing his elbow he was ready to go back out and give it a go. He made some really good tackles and tried to have some really good runs! But that darn BIG Hunter defense was all over him right after the hand off. They smashed our boys into the ground and then trampled all over them! In the second half Hayden was hit in the back and came off the field in pain. We dumped water all over him (it was HOT) gave him a big hug and he went back to the field where he was pushed over, tripped, shoe was pulled off, tackled, and smashed into the grass.
It was a brutal game! But he played his heart out and that is all we can ask!

Again, thanks to the Fox Family for coming and supporting Hayden!! We loved sitting by you guys!

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Hunter V. T-ville

This was a tough game for the Braves. They battled and they put their hearts into it and they won a nail bitter of a game! Hunter was amazing. He ran and ran and ran that ball. He moved it down the field for his team time after time. He scored 2 touchdowns and an extra point. Then on defense when Hunter was on the 20 yard line, a touchdown in their sights, Hunter intercepted the ball on the 10 yard line which sent the crowd into a frenzy!

Hunter really carried the team this week and he is so humble about it, he is a great team player and a great leader! We are really proud of Hunter for stepping up to the task at hand and giving his blood, sweat, and tears to this team.


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