Saturday, January 30, 2010

What you didn't know...

Ladies and Gentlemen- I am pleased to present to you, your future President of the United States of America. (Disclaimer: Don't you hate it when your mom finds the music video you made while she was at work?)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

15 years!

Dave and I just celebrated our 15 year Anniversary.  We went to Rodizzio Grill for dinner, a movie (Avatar), and then a Mansion in the city for a night to ourselves! It was really nice to get away and spend time together! Thanks Dave for a great weekend!

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Harley's Musical

Millcreek Jr. High had their Winter Musical Revue. Harley had 2 solo's "How are things in Glocca Morra?"
and "Put on a Happy Face." She did a great job, we are always impressed by her ability and her stage presence.  She was born for the stage.


This year we got to spend New Years Eve with E and her family.  We started the day off with sledding. There were minimal injuries, but lots of crashes! The kids had fun and we sledded for hours!!

Then it was off to Maka's house for the New Years Party! Everyone got to stay up till midnight and we did the NYC countdown! It was a great time with family!

Thanks Maka for letting us party late late late at your house!

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Chef Munk

Hunter got a new apron and a new cookbook from Maka this year.  He has been dying to get to work and cook cook cook. So this morning he made Texas breakfast wrap for himself and his Dad.  He does not have a chef hat so he had to use the only hat he has...ok

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It turned out really good and Dave ate all of his! Good job Hunter, you are well on your way!

Christmas Breakfast 2009

We started a new tradition with our friends, Hunts and Orchards.  We went to breakfast on Christmas morning.  The kids had omelets, pancakes, sausage, bacon, orange juice, and hasbrowns. They ate and talked with their friends and had a great time.

Dave and I had fun too, we ate until we were going to burts. We also had fun chatting and laughig with friends. I told K I would not post this picture of her, but she doesn't check our blog so...sorry! Much love and Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Morning 2009

Well Santa came and he dumped wonderful things in our living room for the kids this year. Hunter got new Basketball Shoes, a Georgetown Jersey (been begging for months), Battleship and Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? games. Hayden got Golf Clubs, golf balls, and golf tees, and Littlest Pet Shops which are always the perfect gift for him. Harley got a BIG surprise.  It was wrapped in a ceral box and a cell phone box. But it was NOT a cell phone, much to her HUGE dissapoinment!! When she actually read the paper and found out that she got 2 season tickets to Rogers Memorial Theatre, she was very excited and called her friend to let her know when the first show was! She has really happy to get the tickets...maybe a cell phone next year!

Dave and I got a new griddle (yeah) Harry Potter 6!!!!, and a brand new TV!!! It has been a long time comming and we are so happy to watch TV on it!

Christmas Eve w/ the B-hams

Christmas Eve was really fun this year. Brett and his family were here and it has been along time since we have had Christmas with them.  Dinner was yummy, soups, bread bowls, salads, and desserts! After dinner the present unwrapping began. This year the kids gathered together in the living room, they were placed in a semi-circle and the ceiling fan was turned on. Why you ask? Articles of clothing were placed in the blades of the fan ie. socks, bibs, slippers, then the fan was turned on. Who ever was hit by the objects flying off the fan blades got to open their presents.  Yes, yes, this about drove my mother crazy, but the kids loved it. We told them to close their eyes and L was the only one to follow instructions, which is why we love her so so much. No one else wanted to be hit with their eyes closed. There was laughing, screaming, squealing, and yelling. But it was the funnest, by far, present unwrapping we have ever had!

Posted by PicasaThe kids got great stuff. Hayden got a coloring book, and some FILA Basketball Shoes. Hunter got his much desired Cincinnatti Bearcats shirt and a NEW pocket knife for scouts. Harley got an awesome dice game called Farkle and a beautiful grey dustbroom sweater.

We had a great time and stayed until the kids were exhausted and ready for bed. We rushed home and went straight to bed so that Santa could come!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Every Christmas the Munk's get together and celebrate by reading the scriptures about the birth of our Savior.  The character names are put in a hat and each of us draws a name out. We have 20 minutes to come up with a costume and then the performance begins.  Maka is the piano player, I am the reader/photographer. This year Harley was a Shepherd, Hunter, Hayden, and Dave were Wise Men. Grandma Miles was Mary, Angela was Joseph, Sabine was a Unicorn (yep I said Unicorn), Ellie was the Angel, and Baka was a Sheep.

Here is the story:
Mary and Joseph came to the Inn, Mary begat Jesus. Thanks to Angela-Mary begat....
The Angel came to the Sheperds. The Wise Men came.