Monday, October 26, 2009

Carving Pumpkins 2009

Carving pumpkins is always the best part of Halloween! Thanks to Harley's friend (Palmers) we got HUGE pumpkins this year! We got all our homework done and dinner out of the way so we could spend the FHE night carving.
Too bad for Hunter because the Chargers Football game was on and he was running back and forth from the kitchen to the TV. Hayden and Harley buckled down and got right to work. Hunter did not love the feel or smell of the pumpkin guts. He chose to pose for the pictures and let Dave do the dirty work! Ladies and Gentlemen: The President of the United States....

The pumpkins turned out really good. We put the candles in and lit them up. Dave handed the pumpkins to the kids in the dark with a lit candle in it. As you can see from the fear in their eyes, they did not appreciate this gesture.

When we turned out the lights....spooky and wonderful things appeared!

Happy Halloween!

Hayden v. Alta

This was another slaughtering for the rookie Brave team. However, I am so so so proud of Hayden for sticking in the game! He worked so hard!

Go Braves!
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Hunter v. Murray

Hunter was a rock star this game! He had an interception, a touch down, 2 extra points, and ran for a total of 80 yards. It was a great game and I cheered so loud for my amazing son!

Go Hunter!

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Harley's YW Volleyball

Volleyball has officially started for Harlye and her YW group. I went to the game and was so impressed at my most talented daughter. She was actually really really good! I enjoyed watching her play and look forward to next week when I can watch her again!

Go Kimball Mill!

Hayden v. Riverton

This was another painful game for the Brave 8 year olds. Riverton killed them and was not even nice about it. The good news is Hayden played awesome. He almost scored a touchdown, he tackled a lot of running backs, he ran the ball really well, and he did not have any panic (just a small stomach ache).

I am proud of Hayden for sticking with this team and battling through the rough times. He is such a talented player, we are really looking forward to the future for him.

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Hunter v. Hillcrest

This as a very close game, but the Braves pulled it off once again!
Hunter played really well. He ran the ball well, he tackled well, basically he played a great game!

I am very proud of Hunter. He has really developed this year. It is so fun to watch him play.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hunter v HIghland

Well, as you can see from the pictures, Hunter had a sad game of standing on the sideline and watching his team play the game. On Thursday night the team BEGGED the coaches to play a stupid tackling game called British Bulldog. The coaches agreed, "just this one time" and that is all it took. The entire team, including all line men, took Hunter's body and mashed, twisted, and hit it until he was lifeless on the practice field. Only then did the horror fill their hearts and minds as they realized their secret weapon was not moving. All I have to say about that is DUH!
According to eye witnesses, Hunter's face mask is ultimately what hit his quad and caused him to black out. Hunter bruised his quad muscle when his face mask was slammed into his thigh, yes his face was still attached to the face mask, and that is the point where he blacked out! He was out for only this game, thank heavens, and on crutches for 4 days. He was very very sore, but he battled through and made a full recovery. Unfortunately the team lost the game by 1 touchdown. It was so sad. At least we still have 3 games left!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mom and Me

Just the Kids

These are the ones I love of the kids!
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Family Pictures

Here we are the Happy Munk Family.

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