Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas Uncle Brett

Uncle Brett is a big tease, and there is nothing better than getting revenge!! The ideas start in early December, and trying to keep them family friendly makes it all the more interesting. The boys had fun finding this and wrapping it up for him...I hope he takes it to work with him and keeps it on his desk. Merry Christmas Uncle Brett!

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Munk Kids 2009

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Christmas Lights for FHE

For FHE we went to see the lights in Ogden, a tradition we used to do every winter when we were little.  The kids were good sports, it was really cold, and they walked as much as they could. But there were a lot of little ones, so even Hunter got to help carry them when there legs could walk no more.  The displays have not changed since I was a little kid so it was really fun to see them and remember times gone by. 


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Santa Comes To Town

Santa came to our B-ham family christmas party this year. We were so happy to see him and let him know what we wanted this year. However, Harley believed she was a little too old to sit upon Old Saint Nick's lap, but alas, she is not to old. Hunter asked for a Cincinnati Bearcars shirt and a Georgetown Hoyas jersey. Hayden asked for golf clubs and a Larry Fitsgerald jersey. Harley asked for a BIG surprise!!
We had a lot of fun singing songs, opening presents, and playing with cousins! Merry Christmas to all!

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Pictures from the Clipper

These are pictures the local newspaper (Clipper) took of Hunter during the championship game.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

U of U

Angie and Skee had extra tickets and let us have them, so I took the boys to the U game.  We had a blast! Thanks Fox's!!!

Geography Winner!!

I got a phone call one night and it was the secretary at Hunter's school. She was informing me that Hunter was entered into the Geography Bee at the High School and to have him there at 8am.  I was a bit confused and after further investigations discovered that Hunter won at the Elementary and was able to move up to the Jr High and High School level to compete for the Bee.  When I asked Hunter about it he said, "Yeah I won, but it is no big deal, the questions were really easy." Ok.
So the next day we went to the High School and he competed against 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th graders.  They went 15 grulling rounds and eliminated it to 6.  Hunter was one of the 6. Then they went 4 rounds and elimintated it to 3. Hunter was one of the 3. Then they went 2 rounds and Hunter ended up taking 3rd place! He was very disappointed in not winning and as we were leaving he said, "Next year I will actually study and win this thing!"
Congrats Hunter you are a brilliant child and I love listening to all your random facts that make help you win Geography Bee's!

Let it snow!

Hunter and Hayden have been working really hard on their snow fort.  The day they started working on it is the day I got a text picture from my cousin in AZ with the temp at 75.  She was christmas shopping in short sleeves and flip flops.  I sent her this picture as a reminder of what she is missing!

Merry Christmas!


There are not many momments when Hayden is still enough to cuddle with Charlie, so anytime it happens I try to capture it. This way I can pull it out when he is not still and remember that it does happens....
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Newspaper Worthy

Hunter and his team were in the newspaper 2 times in 1 month!! This is the sports section of the Clipper. They covered the Championship game and took some killer pictures of Hunter that I will post later. These are the ones that made the paper! Hunter has the Orange mouth piece.

Way to go team!
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Hayden's Football Banquet

Hayden had his football banquet at a team mates house, they ate pizza and had an awards ceremony. The coaches got together and voted on 1 boy for each award. Offense, Deffense, Special Teams, and All-around. Hayden was awarded the MVP for Defense. He was so happy. The coach said, "there is not one player on this team that wanted to go up against Hayden in a hitting drill. He was the hardest hitter and hands down the MVP for Defense."

The stickers on his helmet really tell the story. Each sticker represents a good run, block, touchdown, or tackle. Way to go Hayden! You are well on your way to being a great football player!
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