Monday, February 25, 2008

Broadway here we come!

Harley and Hunter made the Belasco Children's Theater Company this past weekend and will be performing in the musical Grease in June 2008. Hunter will be in the boys ensamble/background and Harley finds out Friday the 29th what part she has been cast for. Stay tuned for updates and pix!
Hunter will be playing the part of Eugene...Hunter gets 3 speaking parts and 1 opportunity to be silly and cray on stage!!
Harley will be playing a little sister and has been given a solo "Freddy My Love" that has been rewritten and added to the musical for her.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Battered and Bruised

February, the month of...bruises and gashes! Apparently the "love in the air" has affected my children in ways I can't explain. Saturday night we were at Kristi's house eating dinner. Hayden, Hunter, Harley and Bostyn were in the playroom having a great 'ol time. Hayden was climbing on tables, jumping off chairs, and crashing through the house. He was told to calm down so he wouldn't get hurt. Which is exactly what he did-calm down. He sat on the "little kid" table and was watching Hunter play Zelda when out of nowhere he begins to laugh uncontrollably. He was laughing so hard he lost his balance and fell off the table and hit his head on a wooden rocking chair. Yep-just sitting and laughing-split his right eyebrow open. So off to the ER we go...when the Dr. came to see Hayden (after everyone calmed down about his eyelashes) she gave me my choices. I told her the activeness of my child and she made the choice for me. Glue! She glued his eye back together, then glued the glue, then glued the steri-strips onto his head, then put a band aid over that. The nurse was a bit amazed at the amount of glue she put on his wound, but I thank her every time he bumps his head while crashing through the house. Now to make matters worse, Hayden is allergic to the adhesive on Band aids, so the skin has been ripped off his head in 2 spots next to the glue! So I, being the medic that I am, constructed a bandage with gauze and special medical tape...yeah the "special" medical tape also ripped off skin and now Hayden won't let me near his head. What is the moral of Hayden's story?? If you want to get hurt...calm down! P.S. the scabs on his shoulders are rug burns from wrestling with Hunter (please do not turn me in to DCFS!).
Now onto Harley...she is the girly girl of the family, the princess in training, the graceful-yeah I can't use that word anymore! Yesterday she was dancing in the kitchen at Jules house and hit her face on the table, black bloody lip! Then today she was jumping on the trampoline with a phone in her hands (why?? Good question!) And the phone hits her on the other side of her lip cutting and bruising it. Tonight, while cleaning her room, Harley bends over to pick up a toy and smacks her face on the door, opening up both sides of her lip and causing more trauma that humanly possible! Moral of Harley's story? Stand still and don't move!
So, steer clear of us...and hopefully the February "love bug" won't hit you in the face the way it hit us!!

Pine Wood Derby 2008

This year was a great year for the Pine Wood Derby. The ward we belong to allowed the Tiger Cub Scouts to participate in the race this year. That was fabulous news for Hayden and not so fabulous news for Hunter (more competition). The boys took their blocks of wood to Grandpa B's house and started constructing their cars. They got to use the skill saw, sand, and wear the safety goggles!
Hunter wanted to do an Army Hummer and Hayden a race car. Well, Hunter's car turned out so good that Hayden decided (like always) to make his car look EXACTLY like Hunter's. The boys painted their Hummers in Army colors, and they did an amazing job! The day before the race Dad added the much needed weight and graphite on the wheels. Then the day arrived!
With butterflies in our stomaches the boys went with Dad to weigh the cars in and await the race. Both boys did so well, they won all their races. The Scout Leaders took the top 5 cars and gave them ribbons and a stand for their car. Hunter and Hayden made the top 5 so both got prizes! We were extremely happy that Hunter won this year and I was also extremely happy that Hayden won (less tears in the end). It was a eventful evening that Harley and I will never understand, yet strive to support the boys in our lives that LOVE the Pine Wood Derby!

Monday, February 4, 2008

In Loving Memory...

Junior MacPherson Munk "Pop"

Great Grandpa "Pop" passed away late Sunday night. He had been in the hospital for minor surgery and due to complications passed on. We got the news early Monday morning and are so sad at the loss of our Grandpa. We are sad for "Gauze" and know that she will miss him. We are also sad for "Baka" and Dad (Dave) because they will miss him too. "Pop" was always fun to visit because he always had a game on the T.V. and his back yard was so amazing. "Pop" had a work shop that he loved to be in and we will always treasure the things that he made for us. We will miss him but know that he is in a better place and looking down on us now. May he guide us in our paths to be with him one day.

In Loving Memory...


On Friday night Grandma Duke (the grandma we live with) called and told us that Butch, her dog, was in the hospital because he was really sick. Then Saturday Grandma called to tell us Butch had an infection and was doing really bad. Butch was a young dog so we were all very baffled by this. Hunter worried and prayed and cried a lot of tears for Butch while he was in the hosptial. Then Sunday night at 8pm Grandma called to tell us Butch died. We are all very sad and know that Grandma really misses her companion. We are all very sad also. Hunter's job everyday was to go upstairs and help Grandma with Butch, feed him, get him water, take him outside to go potty (then clean it up), Hunter is really feeling the loss of Butch and he misses him a lot. Hayden grew up with Butch and is the first dog he ever knew. "Butchy" is the one that helped Hayden realize his calling in take care of animals! Butch was a good dog to all the kids and a great friend for Grandma. We will miss him.