Sunday, September 26, 2010

Here to stay!

Charger and Charlie seem to have hit it off and often cuddle up to watch "TV". The kittens are growing fast and getting really fun. Hunter is trying to bond with the kitten he named, Charger, and his eyes seem to be doing better! Hunter is a trooper, he puts up with alot and this is just one more thing.
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Kittens now...Zoo later!

Hayden got 2 kittens this week. The girl is Keoke (black) and the boy is Charger (black and white).
The cats are ABSOLUTELY not having any of Charlie, so he has been banned to the kitchen until they get used to having his bounding through the house. How do we feel about that? *see below

Hayden could not be happier. Harley is working on it, but Hunter is down right against it. (It could be his red swollen eyes and stuffy nose that are swaying him to be done with these kittens...)
Stay tuned to see if they are here to stay
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Happy Bday 12 year old!

We always have problems with Hunter's birthday celebrations and Football and starting school, so this year we decided to break it up into a full week of fun. We started it at the Munk's for dinner, then we went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream with Gma and Gpa B after Fball practice, then we went to Chili's for lunch/dinner before practice.
We love Hunter and his personality!
He asked for $ so he can go to American Eagle, and for new shoes to pass the sacrament with!
Happy Birthday HUNTER!

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We had a surprise birthday party for Hunter's 12th Birthday this year. As you can see by the look on his face, he was VERY surprised!
It actually took him about 15 minutes to actually comprehend what was going on. He just kept asking me what everyone was doing there.
We combined football friends and school friends so Hunter was quite disoriented!
The boys had fun swimming, playing "pool ball", racing, diving, and eating cupcakes!!

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Slip and Slide...What?

The most amazing summer activity we did this year was the SLIP and SLIDE.
This was a BLAST! We raced, wrestled, pushed, and shoved, our way down the slide to see who was "top dog."
I will try to put the video on here, but until then, you will have to show up next year and try it to believe it!

Yes!! after many years, I still have it!

Hunter and The Priesthood!!

I can hardly believe that my little Hunter is 12. Hunter was so excited to turn 12 and recieve the Aaronic Priesthood. He is really excited to pass the sacrament. We are so proud of Hunter and the life he is living, he is such an example to everyone around him.

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The Munk Party

We went to the Munk's house for Hunter's birthday party and there was a very special theme...
Hunter for President. It was his request and Maka is so great she decorated in red, white, and blue!
Hunter got lots of $ so he can FINALLY go to American Eagle and get some "stylish clothes". He also got a vest to wear when he passes the sacrament.
It was fun and we had a great dinner.
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