Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day part 2

Friday we went to visit Maka and Baka to celebrate another Thanksgiving Day. First we went to a museum. The kids had fun looking at all the animals, especially Hayden-he was dying to pet the animals but did a good job keeping his hands to himself.

There were Lions, Tigers, Antelope, and the rare North American Couch Potato...this is what one looks like when the T.V. is turned off...scarrrrry!
After the museum we went to see the movie Bolt in 3D. The movie was cute but had Hayden in tears when Bolt got lost, good thing he made it home (sorry to spoil the end). After the movie it was back to the house for leftovers! We had a fun Thanksgiving weekend visiting with both our grandparents!

Thanksgiving Day 2008

Thanksgiving Day was spent at Grandma and Grandpa B's house. We started with an amazing turkey dinner with all the trimmings, but the drinks were by far the best (my contribution to the feast). After dinner the kids got to give each other presents.

We spent the day playing games, watching TV, and eating. It was a great day that gave us much to be thankful for.

Football Awards Night

Hunter's football team got together and had a celebration dinner. It was fun to see the boys together again, eat, and watch the highlight video. Hunter had fun and did not want to leave...neither did anyone for that matter. The house we went to was a dream come true!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthday Day of Wonder

My birthday this year was fantastic! Jules and my children brought me a wonderful birthday outfit to wear at my school, they sang to me, and blew bubbles on me! The kids at my school thought it was a wonderful performance and they LOVED the gloves! I also got a birthday box of treasures from my school! Then the kids gave me paintings they made for me.

Saturday morning after opening presents and funny singing cards from Dave, the kids, and Brett we went to IHOP for breakfast. We entertained ourselves during the hour wait for our food by texting Dena. She started the competition of texts with "The only reason you're still conscious is because it is your birthday", "D** it Chloe, we don't have time! I need the birthday schematics downloaded to my PDA", which I replied with "There are hostiles at the party, I repeat there are hsotiles". Dena changed routes with "They're taking the Hobbits to birthday lunch", "Boil 'em mash 'em stick them in a birthday stew" (this got Hayden singing said song over and over and over). Dave shot back with "Shut the cake up", I came up with "One birthday to rule them all and in the darkness bind them". But Hayden won the duel with "Expelibirthday" and Dena came in 2nd with "I am disinclined to acquiesce to your birthday-means no". After the duelling breakfast we went to the rec center to get our passes! YEAH for the rec center and Merry Christmas to us!
Then it was home and back to the grind of things...or so I thought...i was pleasantly surprised with Dave kicking me out of the house to do the shopping ALONE while he and the kids cleaned the house! HALLELUJAH!! On the way out Dave said, "Clark, while you're at it, get yourself something nice from me!" I laughed and laughed...then I really did! I met my baby sister at the cutest little shoe store and with the help of her beautiful girls we bought boots galore! One pair from my Mom and Dad and one pair from Dave! I loved this birthday! After shopping it was time to find a place on the couch for the FOOTBALL game! It was of course disappointing for all of us except Hayden. He did his victory dance in Dave's face many times until Dave threatened to light him on fire (good thing Hunter was at a friends house-poor BYU). After the game I went with my friend S to eat the most wonderful, luscious, fanfreakintastic desert on this planet. It is called, Molten Chocolate Cake from Chili's! HMMMMMM it was heaven. All in all, I had a GREAT birthday! Thanks to all that sent me cards texted me, sent me emails, and phone calls! I had a great year and look forward to getting taller this year, or wiser which ever happens first!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Recording Studio

Tonight was the chance of a life time for the kids. Their school choir got the opportunity to go to a recording studio and put the Christmas concert on a CD! It was long, hard, and FUN! The entire choir was recorded first, then the speaking parts, then the solo's.

The solo's were scary at first but once the kids got the hang of it they sang their hearts out and did an amazing job!! Hayden got to go first, then Harley.

Harley had the time of her life! She was a star and ate up every second of it! Now that she has had a taste of it she says, "this is what I want to do" sing in a recording studio! The entire ride home she talked about how fantastic it was, Hunter was sorry he gave up his solo part, but only for about 3 seconds. I can't wait for the CD to be mixed and cut! And I can't wait for the Christmas Concert! The concert is December 4th at 7pm! Thanks to Jules for giving my kids this wonderful opportunity! They have loved every minute of choir and this was frosting on the cake!


There are times when we want to kill him...but not when he looks like this!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Here are the pictures from the combined birthday parties for Baka and Mommy!! Thanks to Maka for the fabulous roast and mashed potato's! And the cake was yummy!!

Happy Birthday Baka!!

What do you do on Sunday?

Hayden thought Sunday would be a good day to show us all what he can do on the trampoline. He learned how to do back flips! I am sure you are thinking that I spent time with him and taught him how to do this daring feat...but it was not me...he taught himself! In his very own words "I just thought about it and did it. It is easy"!

Black Eye?

What do you get when you leave the kids home with Dad?

I was at an Autism Conference all day on saturday and D was "incharge" of the kids. They thought playing "inside football" would be a good idea, when Hunter and Hayden collided. Hunter called me at my conference to tell me what happened and let me know that he cried but was not crying anymore. He also told me that Hayden was fine and it was "just an accident"!
When I got home to inspect the damage Hunter had a fancy swollen black eye but Hayden was just fine (as usual).
These pictures are 3 days later!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 4th-A Day In History

Hunter has been nervous all day for the end of the election. Here are some pictures of us on the couch watching the news covering the election. When I asked Hunter how he would feel if Obama won, this was his reaction.
We let Hunter and Harley stay up and watch the results and the Victory Speech. It was a quiet, somber moment for our little family. But this has not deterred Hunter from his quest to run for President. He is still well on his way. So we look to the future and hope and pray for better times.

Swim On

Hayden is quickly perfecting his strokes, he amazes me.

Still working on the butterfly, but getting much much better!

Taking a breather...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Eyes Of A Child

I was cleaning out my pictures and I found these that the kids had taken sometime this year. Here are some of my favorite!

Playoff's: It Was A Good Run!

Today Hunter's B-Town team played their first Playoff game in Herriman. Herriman is located at World's End, for those of you that ever wanted to visit there. We played Riverton and it was an upside down game for an upside down place. I will give you the riddle of the game and see if you can figure it out: Ending Score 12 Riverton, 7 Bountiful. Riverton's Offense NEVER scored a touchdown or a 1st down...So, let's talk about the positive things shall we...The team started the day with a huge tail gate party at the coach's house, there was more food there than the team could eat-which is no small feat! Then the boys painted their hair and faces to "prepare for the game" the BHS fans also got face paint, Baka loved it!

Now onto the game, 1st thing that happened was Hayden being dubbed the team mascot and lovingly named "Peanut Butter" by the boys.
Hunter recovered a fumble, sacked the QB times, and made a lot of key tackles that shut down the Riverton Offense.

No matter how many people had Brave War Paint on their faces and red hair, the Brave Fans could not change the outcome of the game. Even "Peanut Butter" was beside himself with grief over the terrible loss. The boys played hard and lost hard, but we are proud of them and their amazing season. Hunter played his hardest and has the bruises and cuts to prove it!

After a nice lunch with Maka and Baka we flipped the truck upside down, which was right side up, and returned back to the land of Bountiful.
At bed time, while I was tucking Hunter into his bed, he said, "Mom, remember last year when I cried all the time when I had to go to football? I didn't cry once this year. That is cool." Yes, it is cool! I want to thank the coaches (Metcalfe & Co) for their patience and positive coaching with Hunter this year. You taught Hunter that everyone on the team is valuable and making mistakes is OK. You brought out a side of Hunter that we had not seen before and we (especially his Dad) are very grateful for that!