Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hunter's Persuasive Writtings

One day Hunter asked if he could schedule a time for me to come into his bedroom and have a talk with him.  I was a bit worried, and sad that he had to "schedule" a time for me to give him my full attention.  So the big day arrived, he took me into his room, sat me on his bed, pulled out a piece of paper, and cleared his throat.  This is what he said:
"In front of you are 2 piles of clothing. 
 The one to your right is a pile you can store but the other is for explaining.  These clothes are just out of style and old.  I know what you are thinking, "well-they're only old becuase you ruin them." But even if I didn't they would still be out of style. I am not trying to waste money on clothes, but this IS serious!  I strongly suggest either American Eagle or other styles.  i know American Eagle is expensive and very nice, but I do not want to buy them all at the same time, I simply want to start out with a jacket or coat from AE and when I raise a little money or get a gift card I can buy some shirts.  And then a month later I can get one pair of shorts and on the next pay raise get some more.  I think doing it like that will be better than waisting money fast.  I will be in style and did I tell you that the clothes last longer? it will be an easy way to get in style and get more clothes. 
In front of you, you should also see some shoes.  The ones on your left I enjoy and the ones on your right are horrible.  Now, since I am going into 6th grade and don't need a lot of shoes, I strongly suggest that I should have 2 pair, one for school dress and one for gym.  The ones for gym can be whatever you choose, but the ones for school dress should be something nice like black rhino or Buster Browns. Tie NOT buckle/velcro.  For summer I should get a pair that match my AE shirts.  Now, you don't have to get them for a while, but for summer I should have some excersize shoes.  That adds up to only 4 pairs of shoes and I have 6 pairs now today.  So I want you to think about those 2 deals, remember they will last, I garrauntee.

So many reasons I love this kid...but this one takes the cake.
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Harley's Room

Here she is, the DIVA in her NEW ROOM!

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Girls Night

Another fun night out for the B-ham girlzzz. Cafe Rio! I have to admit it was my pick and it was THE BEST!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Presidential Fitness Winners

Field Day at LPA is a huge event.  There are medals, awards, races, and records to break.  This year the classrooms chose a Nation to represent at the games.  Hunter's class was Italy. Hayden's class was Russia.  Each student got to compete in their groups (K-1, 2-3, and 4-5).  Hayden, of course, had his boot on, so he was not able to win any races. (This was a decision that came after many days of tears about the fact that for the first time in his LIFE he would not win a medal. We decided it was someone else's turn to win a medal!)
However, Hunter dominated the events. He broke 3 school records: Shuttle Run, Sit ups, and Pull ups.  He ended the day with the Gold medal for his group.  This is a great start for him, the Olympics are just around the corner (look out Usain Bolt). Dream big or go home!
Both boys got made the Presidential Award.  I remember the torture this award was for me, I tried so hard, yet never got it! I am proud of them, this is not an easy award to get! They both worked so hard and their PE teacher was really proud of them.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So the last day of school is upon us and I am in my classroom working when I get a phone call from a random cell number, it was Harley asking me to call the office and see then the buses were going to be at the school. My response was, "I am working, why don't you just walk down the hall and ask the office yourself?"  There was silence on the phone...."Hello? Harley?" Timidly Harley answered with this explanation: "Um our principal told us we could leave the school, and I called Dad and he said I could leave the school, so I am at Baskin Robbins getting ice cream with my friends." ME: Really, you are off the school campus. Really?" Harley: Mom, don't be mad, it is the last day of school. whatever whatever...
2 hours later
Harley gets home and is itching, so I look at her arm and ALARM ALARM hives are EVERYWHERE.
I told her she had hives and I told her this is what happens when you skip get sick! She did not appreciate that response.  It took 3 FULL days of Benadryl every 4 hours before she started to feel better. It was quite the punishment, one that she will not forget!

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Book Projects

The book was: Face on the Milk Carton...and yes it was another project due at the end of the year AND during the move...grrrrr.  But this one was fun, Harley looked great in her milk carton.  In fact, the teacher marched her-in costume-to the office to show them what she did. (not at all embarrassing)
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Memorial Day!!

 Yeah for STEAK and Memorial Day!  We had 2 great BBQ's filled with steak and hamburgers and chicken and all sorts of lovely fruit and chips and treats.  We first went to the B-ham's and ate and ate and ate. And for the record, I ate ALL my "man-sized" steak, and still had room for fruit and cake!
Then it was off to the Munk's for another lovely steak and hamburger dinner.  We ate fruit and salad and chips and ice cream and popcycles...They should really rename this holiday to be "Day of Meat"!  We had so much fun that we did not want to go back to school the next day!

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School Projects

Let me just express the joy I have when there are school projects due at the end of the year AND when I am trying to move into a house! JOY!
Hayden got to do an American Indain house.  He chose Wampoanog, so we took a 2liter bottle, cut it in half, tore pieces of brown paper up and glued it on the bottles.  Then he printed out 3 facts about the Wampoanog Indians. Luckily we got it done and turned in on time...
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Munk has Funk

Hunter has been waiting his whole life for this one moment in time. The time for ELECTIONS! Because he is going into Middle School next year, he got to run for student council.  He had to fill out an application, that I will admit to loosing during the move, but due to the move, they let him fill it out a new one--THANK YOU! After the application was turned in he was given his instructions for the campaign. One 1/2 size poster to hang in the class room, each classroom voted on 3 kids to send to the final elections. At the final elections each student got to give a 1 minute or less speech or skit.  Hunter decided to use the theme "Munk has Funk".  He did a great job on his speech, the students loved it.
Right after the speeches the student body voted on who they wanted to be on their student council.  There were 9 kids running and only 5 would make it.  The winners were announced at the end of the day, it was a horrible wait! But HUNTER MADE IT!!! He is so excited and can't wait to go to Leadership Camp, plan activities for next year, and represent the 6th graders.  We are proud of Hunter and are also looking forward to riding this path with him!

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The Girlz!

The girls, we get left out of all the pictures becuase we are the ones taking them.
This is a tribute to US! Just in case one of us dies...this is what we look like! And yes we love our people!

Work the camera Kristi! Sorry, but Harley insisted this get posted! (You can kill her later!)
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Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was very busy and very fun.  We started the day at Grandma B's house giving her a purse and a video of the family.
Then we drove to Maka's house for a wonderful dinner and she got a bowl that was made by my friend who is a Potter.  Maka loved it!
Happy Mother's Day!! We are so grateful for our Mother's they mean the world to us!
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We want a Pitcher!

Hayden has become quite the ball player this year.  He started out as Short Stop and 2nd Base, moved quickly to catcher, and pitching.  I am proud of him, he works really hard and has done a great job this season on all the positions he has been given.
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