Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Last night was the annual Kimball Mill Ward Trunk or Treat. Hayden was dressed up as Hunter playing football. Harley and Hunter were Siamese Twins. It was a fun night filled with food, candy, and more candy.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Butterfly

As easy as the freestyle and backstroke were for Hayden, the breaststroke and the butterfly seem to have him stumped. It almost seems unnatural for a body to move in the required strokes. Feet and legs moving in opposite directions with the body moving, it was painful to watch. But he is doing well and determined to master these strokes so he can move onto bigger and better.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Violin Concert

LPA held their annual fall concert this evening, it was a lovely event and was attended by many. So many in fact, there was standing room only. The concert showcased the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students. The first class to perform was Harley Munk's beginning orchestra class. They brought the house down with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Ode To Joy. Unfortunately the camera was set up in a place where you were unable to see the beautiful violinist (she was right behind the teacher), but while you watch and listen, just know Harley was there and she rocked the house!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Backstroke Anyone?

Today the Backstroke was on the docket for young Hayden "Phelps" Munk. There were some techincal dificulties at first such as: sinking instead of floating, hitting the edge of the pool with his head, and swimming into his friends (also taking swimming lessons). But eventually he got the hang of it.

This is the end product of a 20 minute lesson on the backstroke:

Not bad if you ask me! His swim coach seemed to think the same thing! Good job Hayden!

And The Winner Is....

For History Harley had to find something really old that our family had at our house and write a report about it. Harley chose to do the bridge that is in our backyard. The original bridge was damaged in the 80's when the creek flooded and was rebuilt by her Great Grandpa Burningham. Great Grandpa Burnigham passed away when Harley was a baby so her Grandpa B takes care of the bridge now. Here are some pictures of Harley, her report, and the bridge. Oh, she got an A+ and won for the best report in her class.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Who says we aren't old enough to play Football?"

During the Braves game, there was a different sort of game going on in the background. Many fans waiting for their games to start, converged on the sideline not to watch the Braves, but to watch the 3 young boys play a football game. Fans could not believe the full contact that was going on. Some gentlemen tried to step in and asked them to "just touch each other" one man said, "I can't believe they aren't bleeding. They are crazy." I asked a gentleman that had been watching from the beginning of the game what his thoughts were he said, "Those boys have a natural ability to know the game. That is every coaches dream, and there are 3 of them. I would love to coach that team." When we inquired about the team they played on all three boys looked at us as laughed, "We are not old enough to play yet. We are 7." There was an audible intake of breath from the onlookers and some non believers until one of the mothers confirmed they were indeed only 7 years old.

Apparently, these young boys get together while their older brothers are at practice and they play contact football along side them, everyday, for the full 2 hours. We look forward to watching these boys "officially" play next year and hope to get great footage from their games.

The Loss

Bountiful Braves went head to head this morning with Riverton, in Riverton. The stakes were high for Riverton, winning this game would put them tied for 1st place with the Braves, and they came out fighting. They scored in the first 3 minutes of the game. Putting them up 7 and enraging the Braves Defense. Riverton attempted to do an on-side kick but #20 Munk, was too fast for them and he jumped on the ball before Riverton could get there. Riverton got to confident and underestimated the Braves Defense and the rest of the game was spent having the Braves shut down the Offense. There was a close call for Bountiful but again Munk came up with a big play and took care of the ball runner before he could cross the goal line.The Brave Defense did not allow Riverton to score and looked to the offense to win the game. But as hard as the Defense played, the Brave Offense could not get close to the goal line. Riverton knocked Bountiful off their undefeated throne and promised to shut them down again during the play offs.

The media approached Hunter Munk's mother and told her "I really enjoy watching your boy play. He had a great game, I am sorry to see him lose when he played so hard." However Munk told his younger brother, "I don't care that we lost, it was a fun game to play. We will beat them in the playoffs." What a good attitude from a humble football player.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Winter Wonderland

I am sure all of you were as astonished as we were on Sunday morning to wake up and see December had arrived early...this is what our trees looked like. These trees are taller than the power lines by about 3 feet. Hayden went out to survey the damage, but ended up playing in the damage!
The total damage was only 3 broken limbs, 1 in the front yard 2 in the back. Hayden did his best to clear off the snow, but it was just too much for a mere boy of 7 to do (especially when you can play in it)!

Leading Man!

Hunter's 4th grade class performed The Legend of Sleepy Hollow for the 5th and 6th graders at LPA. Hunter was cast as Icabod Crane...THE LEADING ROLE. However, Hunter purposefully failed to mention to me that the performance was Wednesday morning. We will not mention how I found out, but I was there and I was able to get a few pictures and even!
This is Hunter's-I mean Icabod Crane's entrance:

Here are some pictures of him with his fellow artisans:
And the grand finale where Icabod has to walk through the forest with logs on the ground and trees whipping at his hat:

As his mother I would like to say "Nice try Hunter! I find out all things and will be in the crowd watching and cheering for you every time-because I love you!"

Hayden "Phelps" Munk

Since August, Hayden has been asking when he was going to join a swim team. I have been a bit baffled by this and thinking he would eventually forget about it I put him off by saying, "in the summer." Well, the sad news is Hayden did not forget about it, in fact he reminded me, no tortured and begged me on a daily basis until I thought my ears would bleed. So I called the Bountiful Rec Center hoping there would be NO swimming classes until summer, but alas, they have classes year round! Can you believe my luck? So we signed Hayden up for a 5 week swimming class, which happens to be with a private coach! He was so happy he came home and packed his bag with all his swimming gear! Hayden told his swim coach, "I want to be on the swim team, so can you teach me what I need to do?" She was a little taken aback and when they got in the water was pleasantly surprised to see that he could indeed swim. His goal for the next 5 weeks is to learn the technique. He started with Freestyle, and learned how to move his arms, how to breath by tipping your head to the side, and how to kick. Here are some pictures of his first lesson.

After we ran dripping wet and freezing cold to the truck Hayden said, "That was so much fun, I was just like Michael Phelps." And as I attempted to drive home he continued to ask me to "look at me, Mom, you are not looking, this is how to move your arms, Mom, look, hey Mom, look at me just real quick, Mom...."

Highland Quarterback Sacked!

Hunter Munk, Braves Defensive End, put the Highland QB on his back this past week. The fan's went wild for his 2nd sack this season. Munk had this to say, "thier tight end was not very good, so I just ran right past him and grabbed the QB." Such profound words from this humble kid. The Braves play Riverton this week and then are back home for their closing game! Go Hunter!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cute Choir Pictures!

Jules took these CUTE pictures of the kids at choir yesterday. My only question is: Hunter what are you doing under the piano? Maybe he thought he would not be noticed under there...busted!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Poster

Hayden had another poster to make this weekend. He had to make a poster about the season: Fall. He had to draw all the pictures, write the sentences, and color the pictures.
Good job Hayden! You should get an A+!

Young Womens!!

It is true, Harley graduated from Primary and has moved on to bigger and better things...YOUNG WOMENS!!! I don't think it gets better than that!

Her first YW activity was in October 1st, it was a Mother/Daughter Hair Night. We got some great tips on how to take care of our hair and some cute hair styles to use. Harley had a lot of comments to make, due to her Aunt being a "professional hair stylist" and all. It was a fun night. Then on Thursday it was off to a YW volleyball game at the Stake Center. Harley came home from the game on cloud 9!

Book of Mormon

For the past 7 years it has been a weekly fight to get Hayden dressed and to church, then once we are there the fight is to get him to stay in Primary and into his class. This month however, has changed. Hayden has a new friend that sits with him in Primary. This friend of Hayden's is home from his mission (Samoa) recovering from knee surgery. Hayden's friend made him a deal, if he went to Primary class he would give Hayden a special book. True to his word Sunday morning, the doorbell rang and Hayden's friend was at the door. He handed Hayden a book that looked very similar to the Book of Mormon, on closer inspection Hayden discovered that it was indeed a Book of Mormon. He was very excited to explore the book and find out what language it was in. Can you guess?
We are very grateful for the service he gives to Hayden, it will be a wonderful yet bittersweet day for us when he has recovered and gets to go back into the "field" and finish his mission.
Thank you Elder McLaughlin!

Game 5 18-0

This weeks football game took us to the mountains of Park City. It was a beautiful setting for a fantastic game. Hunter made some killer tackles and there was a moment of pride that swept over us. For the sake of our salvation we will say it went away (but it did not), Hunter is proving to be a great defensive player, and we enjoy watching him improve every game.
The Braves scored 3 touchdowns in the 1st half (we still can't get an extra point) making the score 18 to 0. The second half was not at all exciting for the Brave offense, however the Brave defense shut Park City's offense down, and that was entertaining! Final score for the 3rd game this season 18 to 0!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The kids are in a choir at LPA this year and they are preparing for the Christmas Concert. Here are some pictures the choir director (Jules) has taken. Harley and Hayden both have a solo part, Hunter (who refused to sing his solo) has a speaking part. I believe the concert is on December 5th, so all of you that can come...please do! PS There will be a certain someone coming who wears red and has reindeer :)