Thursday, June 26, 2008


While Mom and Dad were in Florida Hayden got to try out for the Mueller Park Allstar Team. He made the team and his tournament starts this week. Stay tuned for play by play action and lots of pictures. His position will be short stop, so we hope to see great action from him!

Mom and Dad went to Florida!

Dave and I left the kids with Maka and went to Florida for 4 days. Dave got to sit in conferences all day and I got to experience the beach and the local lifestyle.
We walked the beach every night and day

We went to the Tampa Bay Devil Ray's baseball game We walked in the rain (for 3 days)
I read a great book (The Host) on the beach.

And Dave swam in the ocean!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Homerun for Hayden!!

Tonight was the first game in the playoffs for the Blue Jays. The first inning was brutal for both teams. 3 up 3 down. There seemed to be a problem with the pitching machine and the crowd yelling for a time-out. That is when #7 that young Rookie we have been following stepped up to bat. With the bases loaded and the crowd grumbling, Hayden hit the ball into right-field. It was the hit of the night. The crowd cheered as he rounded 1st, rounded 2nd, rounded 3rd, and crossed home plate with time to spare. Homerun! The score 4 to 0.

In the second inning coach put #7 Hayden Munk on the pitchers mound hoping to stop some slow going grounders. Well that is just what he did, the first hit off the bat was a low line drive and Hayden snagged the ball with a quick sweep of his glove and gunned it to 1st base! All the coaches dropped their jaws at that play! 2nd hit off the bat was a grounder right to #7, he scooped it up and threw it to 1st-OUT!

The game ended with a score of 9 to 0 for the Blue Jays advancing them to the playoffs tomorrow night at 5pm. They play the Giants and it will be a nail bitter for this young team. Hopefully #7 will be on his game and can bring them another win to take the Blue Jays to the finals friday night!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Opening Night

Friday was opening night for the Belasco Children's Theatre. The kids did a great job but there were only about 20 people in the audience. Hopefully more will show up for the rest of the shows. Harley is absolutely perfect and loves every second of it. Hunter is trying really hard to come out of his shyness and is doing a fabulous job also. I am very proud of them and love to watch them!

Harley singing her solo "Freddy My Love"
Hunter playing Eugene "the nerd" of Rydell High. His first prom :)

They get to sing together at the end of the show!

Kung Fu Panda

Grandma and Grandpa B took all the cousins to see the new movie Kung Fu Panda this week. The kids had a lot of fun with lots of popcorn, licorice, and gold fish crackers! The kids laughed and cheered during the movie. It was even funny for the adults. The movie was great unless you have a child that has to re-live the movie for 3 days after it. We are still trying to recover from the hidden Kung Fu attacks Hayden as given us. He is also spending a lot of "Kung Fu Time Out" for hitting and kicking unsuspecting family members!!

Busy Little Munkey's

We have been very busy doing a lot of yard work this summer. The kids have not been too happy about the new projects we decided to undertake. They were hard and we were sore and dirty by the end of the week. We started by taking the shed down. Dave, Harley, and Hunter had fun demolishing it. Grandpa and Grandma B stopped by the house during this project and Grandma ended up leaving Grandpa at our house knee deep in tools. Hunter and Harley loved working side by side with Grandpa and I think Grandpa had fun too because when Grandma B came back to get him, he was not ready to leave and took apart a few more things before Grandma got him in the truck.

The next project was cleaning out the creek area. Cutting down 2 trees, cutting grass and weeds down as high as my stomach, fixing the bridge, and trimming the bushes back. We took 2 loads to the dump and that was Hayden's favorite job. Probably because he got a drink at the gas station on every load!
It took us 3 days to do all this work and the kids were mad at all the work they had to do on their "summer break", but they were surprised with a basketball standard the next morning. They seemed to forget the anger they had for us and where all hugs and kisses when they saw their reward!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Construction on Mill Street

There seems to be construction every where we go. There is something about the hot sun, the birds singing, the car sitting in a traffic jam due to construction that just makes me want to stay home and never get in the car. I have planned all my routes to eliminate any form of construction traffic and it has been very sucessful until now.
Late last night (say 11pm) some construction dude speaking in a English accent started a "new road" project on Mill Street. I was furious. I was livid. I was...directed away from the construction site and told to read the sign, clearly stating what was going on. The construction dude was very polite but refused to move his barracade "until we are finished, new road going through here ma'am." When will it end?

The Crip Is Back!

Hunter has picked up many nicknames across the years such as, "Boot Boy", "Cripple", "Breakable", "Crip", and "China Doll". He seems to be extremly fragile for such a big kid. It has been about a year since the last incident and I thought we were in the clear. But, alas, 'the crip' has returned. On monday Hunter was at rehersal and true to form the boys were messing around. Hunter was sitting in a canvas camping chair watching the disarray when one of the boys thought Hunter should join in the fun. He tipped Hunter's chair to the side and it spontaniously folded up with Hunter in it. The laughing and laughing until they realized that Hunter's arm was stuck in the chair and he couldn't get it out.
After 2 days of trying to trick Hunter into using his hand and arm (and being unsuccessful) I decided he really was hurt and needed to go to the Dr.'s office. The Dr. said it was really bruised and the muscle was torn but there was no break in the bone. So they put a splint on his arm and told him to keep in on for 1 week then he can take if off if his arm feels better.

Rehersal has been difficult with an arm in a splint, but he continues to go and do the best he can. At least Hayden had nothing to do with this injury, unlike the past 2 broken bones.